Shire Crest




“Labore Prospere Procedemus”

  (By Labour Let Us Proceed Prosperously)

 The symbols on the crest represent the following:

 The four drawings in the quadrants of the Shield represent the four main industries of the Carnarvon Region.  The top left hand corner depicts a banana plant which is symbolic of the banana industry and agriculture in general.  The wool industry is represented in the top right corner by a sheep.  The Overseas Telecommunications Earth Satellite Station is illustrated in the bottom left hand corner and in the bottom right hand corner a prawn represents the fishing industry.

The sun at the top and the palms at the side of the shield represents Carnarvon’s tropical climate.  The swan in the centre of the sun represents the connection with the State of Western Australia.  The Prince of Wales feathers in the centre of the shield are part of the crest of the City of Caernarvon in Wales, and is symbolic of Carnarvon’s close relationship with that municipality.