In 2009, the Shire of Carnarvon invested in creating a new brand for Carnarvon. Created in conjunction with the Carnarvon Visitor Centre and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the brand is now being used by Carnarvon businesses and the wider community on all promotional material.

What is the brand?
Centred on the positioning “Carnarvon – catch a taste of the great life” our dynamic image captures the essence of the flavours of Carnarvon and our relaxed, idyllic lifestyle. Given the fresh local produce grown by our horticultural industry and the harvests from the sea of our fishermen, catching a taste is certainly what Carnarvon is all about. Add to this the great lifestyle we live here and this branding certainly sums up what Carnarvon has to offer.

How will the brand is used?
The brand will be used to enhance the public perception of Carnarvon and the experience it offers to resident, tourists, business people, potential employees and investors. The Shire’s stationery carries the new brand as does our website.

Who can use the brand?
The brand is available for use by all Carnarvon businesses and community organisations. It may be used on your promotional material (printed and electronic), packaging or co-branded with your own identity on stationery. It cannot be on-sold in any circumstances or included on merchandise that will be sold without the express permission of the Shire of Carnarvon.

When the virtues of Carnarvon are promoted we all build the recognition of the Carnarvon great life in our own community, to those visiting it and to anyone that comes into contact with a Carnarvon product or promotion potentially anywhere in the world. The more the reputation of Carnarvon grows, the healthier the environment for both our business and wider community.