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At first glance, a common theme through all Maila Fanning's abstract paintings appears to be an array of palette colours flowing into rivulets and cells.  What draws the viewer, almost hypnotically, is the power these creations have to propel one's imagination towards greater depths, challenging new meaning from the illusion of the surreal scapes presented.

Limitless will be on show at Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery from Thursday 14 February 2019 to 16 March 2019.

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Monday 11am - 5pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 3pm

Saturday 10am - 12pm (Closed public holidays and weekends)




  • Thursday, 14 February 2019 | 12:00 AM


Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 5pm, Tues - Thurs 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 3pm, Sat 10am - 12pm

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