Permanent Residents of Carnarvon and Current WA Library Members

Library membership is FREE to all permanent residents of both Carnarvon and visiting current WA Public Library Members. 

To join, download and complete the application form and provide two forms of identification as detailed below:


Required ID for Carnarvon Residents:

  • Photo ID such as a driver's licence showing proof of your current residential address.  If your address is not current on your ID, you may provide a utilities account, rates account or rental agreement as proof or residency.
  • Secondary ID such as a Medicare card, bank card or concession card.


Required ID for current WA Public Library Members:

  • Photo ID such as a driver’s licence with proof of your permanent residential address in WA  (if not shown on photo ID) e.g. rates account, utilities account, rental agreement etc. 
  • WA Public Library Membership Card (home library).



Temporary membership is available for visitors planning to stay in Carnarvon for at least one month.  

To join, download and complete the application form and provide one form of photographic identification. 


Visitors must provide proof of a temporary address in Carnarvon and details of a second contact person staying at an alternative address to you (this person can be living anywhere within Australia).  

A $50.00 bond is payable on application and refunded to the borrower on return of all items to the library when leaving the region. 


  • Loan limits apply for each membership category.
  • All members are required to sign the Terms and Conditions of Membership as outlined on the back of the application form.