Carnarvon 2018-2028

Draft Strategic Community Plan 2018 – 2028

All Western Australian local governments have to have a ten-year Strategic Community Plan that clearly links the community’s aspirations with the council’s vision and long-term strategy. 
This is in line the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework to ensure that it is not a document that just sits on the shelf, but rather a plan that ensures Council continue to reflect the community’s priorities. 

This IPR Framework requires each Council to have its Strategic Community Plan reviewed every four years and in early 2017, the Shire of Carnarvon Council endorsed actions to commence a full review of its current Strategic Community Plan.  This process included consultation and engagement activities in Carnarvon and Coral Bay.

The consultation and engagement process gained feedback from community members and stakeholders on their vision and priorities for the Shire of Carnarvon (Carnarvon & Coral Bay) and will be used to shape and update the Strategic Community Plan. Once the plan has been finalised and adopted, Council will then use it to determine service delivery and budgets in the coming years.

Community engagement results February – March 2018

The Shire of Carnarvon’s ‘Our Shire’ engagement programme took place between  December 2017 and March 2018 with stakeholders and community members participating from both Carnarvon and Coral Bay.

The results from this engagement programme have been woven into a draft Strategic Community Plan which will be presented to Council for consultation at its May 2018 ordinary Council meeting.  Once Council has had the opportunity to review and provide their feedback, the draft plan will then be made available to the community for public comment before being finalised for adoption at the June 2018 ordinary Council meeting.

For full results of the ‘Our Shire’ community engagement programme, click on the link below.

<<embed link for Community Engagement results document>>


Key Dates

Dec 2017

Jan 2018

Feb 2018

Mar 2018

Apr 2018

May 2018

Jun 2018

Council direction & Stakeholder input

Preparation for engagement

Engagement activities commenced. These ended March 17

Stakeholder and Council Workshops

Prepare draft Strategic Community Plan (SCP)

Consultation on draft SCP

Adoption of SCP

Council direction and stakeholder input provided to guide engagement programme

Activities included: Community ‘drop-in’ events, face to face sessions and an online questionaire

Community engagement results collated

Draft SCP made available for public comment following consultation in May.