Community Engagement

What is Community Engagement?

Community Engagement involves a variety of activities with the purpose of involving community members in the development of Council’s Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business plan and other strategy plans relevant to the delivery and operation of Council.

It is a process that provides an opportunity for community to be involved in the decision-making process. It contributes respected insight and information on identified key priority areas and how they see their community growing.

Community engagement is about encouraging involvement, participation and communication between Council and its community members.

Overall, the information gained through Community Engagement offers valuable support to Council and enhances their capability to make well informed, sustainable and realistic decisions that are to lead and benefit both Council and community together.

Why do we engage?

So that we can connect with you – the community. In order for us to understand what’s affecting you and to know what sort of place you’d like the Shire of Carnarvon to be, we need to reach out and provide the opportunity for you to participate.

By engaging with you, Council aims to build trust and strengthen it’s relationship with the whole community.  Our hope is that as you become more aware and familiar with the engagement process and that you also become more trusting of the decisions made.

Good community engagement will lead to:
-           better project and service delivery outcomes
-           a reduction of criticism of decision-making processes
-           improved quality of policy being created
-           building a more resilient relationship between Council and the community
-           Council and organisation enhancing their reputation within the community
-           increased awareness and understanding of community issues
-           better shared partnerships and networks
-           opportunities for a diversity of voices to be heard
-           improved problem solving strategies of complex issues and emerging issues
-           the empowerment of a community. Able to identify priorities, participate in problem
           solving and take ownership.


How we will engage with Community and Stakeholders?


The Shire of Carnarvon has made a commitment to inform, listen and involve community and stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Depending on the project or plans that require input, we will provide a range of opportunities for stakeholders and community members including residents, community groups, sports clubs, workers, young people, visitors, government, culturally diverse, business and industry stakeholders to provide feedback and share their ideas.

Part of commitment and to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate, the Shire will provide a number of inclusive engagement activities for you to contribute.  These activities may include:

  • Workshops
  • Yarning Circles
  • Focus groups
  • Stakeholder or community meetings
  • Drop ins or pop up sessions
  • Working or Advisory Groups
  • Online via our engagement portal
  • Surveys


After carrying out consultation and engagement activities, the results will then be collated and analysed and put into a report.  These findings will then my considered with other vital information that maybe legislative, financial or technical in developing outcomes that will inform, guide and influence Council’s decision-making process.