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There are various types of applications that pertain to building.  Please read the information below carefully so that you download and complete the correct form.

Application Types

Uncertified Application

An Uncertified Application is one in which the certification of building standards has not been done prior to the lodging of the Building Permit application. It can only be lodged for Class 1a and 10 residential buildings.

Once your application is submitted the Permit Authority (i.e. the Shire of Carnarvon) will assess compliance with the Building Code of Australia and complete the Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) before it can grant a Building Permit.

The Shire of Carnarvon has 25 business days to approve or reject your application. For a timely approval it is important to ensure plans and specifications submitted with your application demonstrate compliance with the Building Code of Australia and all other relevant approvals have been obtained before your application is submitted.

Application for Building Permit Uncertified

Guidelines(PDF, 121KB)


Certified Application

A Certified Application is where you engage a registered building surveyor to complete a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) before the application for a Building Permit is submitted. The CDC will need to accompany the application for a Building Permit Certified. If all other required approvals have been obtained, the City of Greater Geraldton has 10 business days to approve or reject your application.

Applications for Class 1b and Class 2 to 9 must be lodged as Certified Applications. Applications for Class 1a and 10 may be lodged as Certified or Uncertified Applications.

Application for Building Permit Certified

Guidelines(PDF, 124KB)


Certification Services

The Shire of Carnarvon can provide Certification Services under the current building legislation mainly for construction in the Mid-West region Via the City of Greater Geraldton building services. If you require any of these services, please enquire through the Shire of Carnarvon Building Services for information of the following services:

Prepares Certificates of Design Compliance (CDC) for the issue of Building Permits

Prepares Certificates of Construction Compliance (CCC) for the issue of Occupancy Permits

Prepares Certificates of Building Compliance (CBC) as required for unauthorised work, change of use or Strata application.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments in accordance with Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia Guidelines.

Please contact the Building Surveying Team at (08) 9941 0000 option 2 if you require Certifying Services for your permit application. Fees will be charged as quoted for these services.

A building surveyor who contracts to the public to provide certification services must be a registered building surveying contractor under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. To check whether a building surveyor is registered follow this link: Registered Building Surveyors


Unauthorised Building Works

It is an offence under the Building Act 2011 to undertake building work without first obtaining a Building Permit, unless the building work is exempt from such a requirement under the Building Regulations 2012.

Property owners who have unauthorised building works may be able to submit an application to obtain Retrospective Approval from the Shire.

A Building Approval Certificate is used to retrospectively approve any building works completed without a Building Permit being issued, or certified an existing building’s compliance with the relevant standards.

Building Approval Certificates are voluntary, however if you have unauthorised building work you may be required to demolish it if you do not have one.

Please view the information sheets and guides below for information on what is required to support your application.

Please refer to Fees and Charges for the applicable fees for your particular application.

When you are prepared to submit a building application, please follow the links below to download the appropriate application forms.

Payment for building applications can be made at the Shire's administration office at 3 Francis St Carnarvon, phone, email or post. The Shire of Carnarvon has EFTPOS facilities for your convenience.  Please contact the Shire for further information.


Application for Building Permit Certified

Application for Building Permit Uncertified

Application for Demolition Permit

Application for Occupancy Permit

Application to extend time – building or demolition permit

Application for Modification or Non-Application of Building Standard:

BA24-Application-for-Modification-or-Non-Application-of-Building-Standard.pdf(PDF, 116KB)

BA24A - Application for Modification or Non-Application of a Bush Fire Building Standard

Form 82 - Building Services Levy Application for a Refund

- Plan Search Request

- Request for Certifying Services

- Application for a Hoarding, Deposit Materials on or Excavate near a street

- Monthly Building Statistics Request

- Application for Approval to Install Battery Powered Smoke Alarm

Building Notices

BA7 – Notice of Completion

BA8 – Notice of Cessation

Guidance Note - Building Permit: Amending Builders Details


BA19 - Request to Amend Building Permit

BA20 – Notice and Request for Consent to Encroach or Adversely Affect

BA20A – Notice and Request for Consent (response notice): Protection Structures, Party Walls, Removal of Fences, Access to Land

Building guides and publications

Guide to Lodge a Certified Application

Guide to Lodge an Uncertified Application

Guide to Lodge a Demolition Permit Application

Guide to Lodge an Occupancy Permit Application

Pro Forma Statement on Planning


Work Affecting Other Land

Pro Forma Statement on Work Affecting Other Land



For further information, please contact Shires Building Service on (08) 99410000 or email