The Shire is bound by its legislative requirements and must conduct periodic inspections of the safety barrier installed around pools and spas and its immediate surrounds.


The Shire is bound by its legislative requirements to conduct periodic inspections of pool and spa barriers and charges a fee on the land owners rate notices each financial year. The fee is the estimated cost to the Shire of carrying out inspections in the financial year.


The Shire requires notification from the pool owner if they have removed their pool. Please call (08) 99410000 or email the Shire advising the location and date of removal. Confirmation of the removal will be required prior to removing the pool off the register.


Until the pool has been decommissioned or made so that the pool cannot hold water and has been inspected by an authorised officer the fee will continue to be charged. Please call (08) 99410000 or email the Shire for further information.


Yes. The rules and regulations are to protect all children.


Yes. Irrespective of whether a pool is above ground, below ground, portable or inflatable, if it contains water more than 300mm deep, a Building Permit approving a compliant barrier must be received prior to installing and filling the pool with water.


A concession exists for swimming pools and spas that were constructed, installed or approved prior to 5 November 2001. In this instance, the barrier may include a wall that contains a door, providing that door complies with the Standard.


No. Key locking mechanisms such as deadlocks or padlocks are not compliant. A device that limits or permanently secures these parts of the barrier will require the use of a tool to remove them. Such tools may include allen keys, pliers, spanners and screw drivers.


No. Placing a cover over a swimming pool or spa does not meet the barrier requirements under the Regulations. When the cover is off there is no barrier. Your statutory obligations are to provide a compliant barrier to restrict access always.


You are committing an offence and are liable to a maximum fine of $5,000 if found guilty. The Shire will commence legal proceedings if a pool or spa owner chooses not to comply with regulations.


Yes. Please contact the Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety regarding your responsibilities.


Yes. All spas, whether they are new or second hand, require a Building Permit from the Shire and a compliant barrier restricting access.


Any concerns should be directed to the Shire immediately. Please call (08) 9941000 or email the Shire so concerns can be investigated.