Healthy Water and Waste Water

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The Shire of Carnarvon’s Environmental Health Officers work with a vast network of specialist and agencies. Such as, the Department of Health, Water Authority, Water Corporation and the Gascoyne Water Co-Operative Ltd and many others to ensure that the water within the Shire is of a reasonable standard for healthy living and well-being.  Water quality, waste and treatments are inspected and sampled regularly as per Department of Health standards and regulations.

Some of the tasks undertaken by the Environmental Health Officer's in relation to healthy water and waste water are:

  • Assessing waste water disposals to ensure each property has the required infrastructure required to facilitate the disposal of liquid waste. Waste disposal is legislated and there are strict regulations that need to be complied with.  This includes, but is not limited to: development of in industrial site, building a home, upgrading facilities, ensuring adequate healthy waste disposal is in place to cope with occupants needs such as in lodging houses, hotels and caravan parks.
  • Sampling, testing and inspecting water ways.  Such as inlets, rivers, dams, creeks and water tanks.
  • Checking and sampling water for mosquito larvae
  • Sampling and testing water for contaminants and disease.
  • Inspections of septics, leach drains and tanks
  • and more

Water Sampling

  • Amoebic Meningitis Precautions
  • Inspections
  • Foreign Objects
  • Sewerage - Septic Tanks and Effluent Disposal
  • Pest Management
  • Mosquitoes
  • Australian Encephalitis
  • Local Laws
  • Environmental Health Approvals
  • Waste Disposal Sites