Fire & Emergency Management

It is permissible to use a solid fuel barbeque for the purpose of cooking, except on days when a total fire ban has been declared.
the restricted burning period for Carnarvon is 1st October to 30th April. A fire permit is required during this time and can be obtained from a fire control officer at Ranger Services.

All conditions outlined on permit are to be strictly adhered to.

Fire Break Notice 2016-2017

Firebreak-Notice-2018.pdf(PDF, 441KB)

Firebreak Inspections

It is part of the Rangers duties to ensure that an adequate fire hazard reduction is undertaken on all land within the Shire of Carnarvon (residential, commercial, and crown lands). fire break inspection commence in August each year and will be enforced after the 1st October.

If you require further information regarding firebreaks and bush fire preparation obtain a copy of the '5 Minute Fire Chat" DFES booklet, available at Ranger Services.

Beach Fires

It is a part of Rangers duties to ensure public safety and protection of sand dunes and vegetation along the coastline. Therefore fires on the beaches are prohibited.

LRP 2019 public version (PDF, 17MB)

LEMA 2019 public version(PDF, 15MB)