Carnarvon Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service


There are over 2,300 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) members from 94 brigades in Western Australia who provide firefighting and prevention services throughout the state.

VFRS firefighters undertake a range of responsibilities including:

  • Combating fires
  • Containing hazardous material spills
  • Road crash rescue
  • Fire safety education

DFES provides VFRS training in:

  • Personal and team safety
  • Structural and bushfire fighting
  • Communications
  • First aid
  • Vehicle driving both on and off road
  • Leadership and emergency management procedures

Members of the Carnarvon Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (VFRS) play a vital and significant role in helping to ensure that the community is a safe place to work, live and play.

They carry out risk management activities, fire prevention activities, fight fires, teach fire safety education to school children, work with local residents to improve their own personal safety and respond to road accident rescues.

VFRS Volunteers serve the community on a voluntary basis by providing a commitment in time, knowledge and expertise in operational and non-operational roles (e.g. Support Member).

Become a Volunteer!

The Carnarvon VFRS is located at Robinson Street.  Training is on every Monday.

VFRS is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file.  It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome.

If your interested please contact our local VFRSon

For more information please see the DFES website for Western Australian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services