Carnarvon Volunteer Sea Rescue


There are 39 Marine Rescue WA groups situated along Western Australia’s 13,000 kilometre coastline from Rockingham in the west to Esperance in the south to Kununurra in the north, including Christmas and Cocos (Keeling ) Islands, all with one central aim to protect and saves lives at sea.

Of the total number of groups, 39 have been formally approved under the DFES Act and comprise of more than 1,700 registered volunteers.

Marine Rescue WA volunteers provide a range of emergency management services including:

  • Assisting WAPOL to search for missing people or vessels
  • Providing help to drifting vessels unable to make their own way
  • Assisting in operations to remove grounded or submerged vessels

Rescue assistance includes:

  • Provision of senior first aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation or expired air resuscitation
  • Towing damaged vessels back to shore or launching ramp
  • Re-supplying water or fuel to stranded vessels
  • Providing advice on voyage planning, radio communications and actions to take during an emergency at sea

Become a Volunteer!

The Carnarvon Marine Rescue is located at towards the end of Harbour Road at the boat harbour.  Training is on every second Wednesday, and they also have a Sundowner on the Last Friday of the month.

VFRS is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file.  It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome.

If your interested please contact our local Marine Rescue on

For more information please see the DFES website for Western Australian Volunteer Marine Rescue Services