Keeping of animals

The Dog Act 1976, administered and enforced by Local Governments, addresses dog control and registration, ownership and keeping of dogs, and the obligations and rights of dog owners and others.

Responsible dog ownership

You must ensure your dog is:

  • currently registered (if over three months of age)
  • micro-chipped
  • wears a collar displaying name, address, phone number and registration tag
  • confined to the premises at which it lives or is temporarily residing
  • under the control of a competent person
  • only exercised off the leash in a designated area and is under verbal control. You must carry a leash
  • Wandering, barking, dog attacks, amount on property, registrations
  • Exercise areas, dogs must be on a lead everywhere else.
  • Lost your dog? Contact Ranger 9941 0019.
  • Found a dog? Contact Shire Rangers who may already have details of the owner. Dogs will be collected if the owners cannot be located or there is a history of behavioural issues.


Limitation of dog numbers

  • The limit on the number of dogs which may be kept on any premises is 2, for the purpose of Section 26(4) of the Dog Act. No exemption shall be granted to the owner or occupier of any premises if the premises by reason of inadequate fencing, size, location or detrimental effect on any other premises, would be inappropriate for the housing of three to six dogs.
  • Upon request the Local Government may grant an exemption in relation to any particular premises under Section 26(3) of the Act, to house three to six dogs at one property.
  • Request for exemptions can only be approved by delegated
  • Fee: $150 per application


Barking Dogs

The most common complaint against dogs is barking. Under Section 38(@)(b) of the Dog Act, a dog is a nuisance if: (b) it creates a noise, by barking or otherwise, which persistently occurs or continues to degree or extent not normally habitual in dogs and has a disturbing effect on the state of reasonable physical, mental or social well-being of a person.



  • Cat Act 2011 - Cat Act 2011 – [00-c0-01]
  • All cats must be microchipped, registered and sterilised.
  • Hire of cat traps
  • Nuisance/feral
  • Containment