Register your Pets

As of 1 November 2013 all domestic cats in WA over 6 months of age will need to be sterilised, micro-chipped and registered with their local government.  All dogs must be micro-chipped before they can be registered.  If your dog is already registered you must ensure it is micro chipped before 1 November 2015

Registration forms are available from your local Shire office.  You will need to show proof of sterilisation and micro-chipping which is available from your Vet.

Renewals are sent out in October of each year.  It is the responsibility of pet owners to keep their contact details up to date with the Shire.  If you move out of the Shire of Carnarvon it is the owners responsibility to notify the Shire to transfer the registration to the Shire you are moving too.  Registration of pets is transferable with all Shires and Councils within Western Australia.


The period of registration (or dog year) runs from 1 November to 31 October, regardless of when the dog is actually registered.

Dog Registration Fees  Online Registration 

1 Year 3 Year Lifetime
Unsterilised Dog $50 $120 $250
Sterilised Dog $20 $42.50 $100


Cat Registration Fees Online Registration

Annual registration $20
Three year registration $42.50
Lifetime registration $100

Annual application for approval or renewal of approval to breed cats (per cat)     $100