Infringement Appeals

You have been issued with an infringement notice and would like to appeal this decision.

To submit your dispute you will need to:  

All disputes must be lodged within 28 days of the infringement date.  They must be in writing, either by letter in the post or by email addressed to: 

By post to: 

The Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Carnarvon
PO Box 459
Carnarvon WA 6701


by email to shire@carnarvon.wa

SUBJECT LINE:  "Infringement Dispute" or Request for Infringement Withdrawal" 

ADDRESSED TO:  Chief Executive Officer

The following details MUST be included in the correspondence:

  • Infringement number   (if known)
  • Dog/Cat tag or Vehicle registration number   (if applicable)
  • Date of Infringement
  • Reasons for the dispute   (include any evidence that may support your claim - photos and copy or photo of infringement notice)
  • A valid Return Address and email address


 infringement notice image.jpg

No dispute will be dealt with in verbally person or over the phone nor by a third party other than an authorised legal representative.  It must be in writing and addressed from the recipient of the infringement. 

One the office has received your correspondence you will receive a notification in response.  The infringement will be investigated and assessed.  The due date for payment of the infringement will be suspended until after the investigation and assessment.  You will receive correspondence to notify you of the result. Should you be successful in your dispute you will not be required to make payment and the infringement will be cancelled.  Should your dispute be declined, you will receive correspondence to notify you and outlining that you will have 28 days to make payment of the infringement. 

 Please ensure you read the information on the infringement notice.