Roads and Works

Well maintained roads, paths, parks and reserves is what you will see when travelling through the Shire of Carnarvon. The Infrastructure Services team is charged with the responsibility to ensure these areas are effectively maintained for your use and enjoyment.

We are responsible for the maintenance to all existing Infrastructure throughout the Shire and the development of new infrastructure, through major projects funded both externally and internally.
The Infrastructure Team consists of two teams, Strategic /projects team and the Operations team. Both teams work together as required to ensure success in the delivery of service.
The Strategic /Projects team is located in the main Shire office at 3 Francis Street, works undertaken by this team include:

  • Major Projects
  • Budget preparation
  • Council meetings
  • Infrastructure Grant Funding/Acquittals
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer service Enquiries

Infrastructure Operations are located at the Shire depot on the corner of Robinson Street and Boundary Rd, works undertaken by the Infrastructure Operations Team include:

  • Roads
  • Footpaths
  • Kerbing
  • Streetlights
  • Drainage
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Street Trees
  • Surveying

Staff endeavours to ensure all maintenance issues reported are rectified as soon as possible, we encourage you to call the Shire Office on 99410000 if you have any concerns. The major issues we look out for and would like to have reported are:

  • Potholes and other road repairs;
  • Street Tree Maintenance;
  • Street Name Signs (missing/damaged);
  • Blocked stormwater drains or flooding;
  • Damaged Kerbs;
  • Pathway repairs;
  • Damaged Bus Shelters;
  • Faulty lighting on Foreshore/reserves (i.e. parks, sporting grounds); and
  • Playground Equipment (missing/damaged).
BBQ Facilities - Town Beach

BBQ Facilities – Town Beach

Regulatory signs such as Stop signs, Give-Way signs and traffic control signals (damaged or missing) should be reported to Main Roads Western Australia on 138 138 (Carnarvon Office- 9941 0777) or you can complete a fault form at the MRWA website.