Fascine Entrance Re-Opening Project

fascine sunset.jpg

In 2020, Seashore Engineering completed an investigation of the Fascine Entrance Channel

 You can view the entire report here:

Fascine-Entrance-Channel-Planning-Study.pdf(PDF, 23MB)

This report provides the guideline for the next step toward long term access to the Fascine waterway.

The Department of Transport are currently working to deliver a sustainable long term solution for the Fascine entrance. This work is in collaboration with the Shire of Carnarvon, the Gascoyne Development Commission and the Carnarvon Yacht Club.

The goal is to have an open, accessible and sustainable Fascine entranceway for the Carnarvon Community and all maritime visitors.

The Department of Transport project page can be found HERE. It includes an overview, a proposed timeline for works, FAQ's, and hydrographic survey.