Development Approval

Development approval is a legal document that allows for a use of a development on a particular piece of land. Development approval is required to ensure that any use or development of land within the Shire complies with the Schemes, Residential Design Codes, Policies and other relevant legislation.

Applicants can discuss preliminary plans and proposals with the Shire’s Planning Officers for more information on the process. Planning Officers can advise on applications and the information required to complete an application.

Development approval is required for most works and changing uses of a site. This can include:

  • Building a single house, grouped dwellings or multiple dwellings.
  • Extension or alteration of buildings (including sheds, patios, garages and carports)
  • Replacement of an existing structure.
  • Conducting a business from home.


Application for Development Approval

The form for development application P01A

P01A-Application-for-Development-Approval-2015-Fillable.pdf(PDF, 217KB)