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c000Carnarvon and its surrounds are a year round holiday destination offering visitors a chance to rest, relax and recharge. Take the opportunity to enjoy the towns laid back and friendly way of life while partaking in one of the numerous activities available such as enjoying our fascinating indigenous and pioneering history or purchasing from the abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood produced in the area.

Those wishing for a bit more adventure won’t be disappointed by venturing out into the surrounding region to explore with the Gascoyne’s raw and picturesque coastline located to the north and rugged inland locations such as the Kennedy Range and Mt Augustus national park to the east offering a variety of different experiences.

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To view the Shire of Carnarvon’s Profile click on the following link – Carnarvon Profile August 2014

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Your Perfect Summer in just 60 seconds
OUR TOWN WA 2016 – Gascoyne – Carnarvon Segment Three
OUR TOWN WA 2016 – Gascoyne – Carnarvon Segment Four

Did you know?

  • The Gascoyne River is 764km long.
  • Charles Kingsford Smith started the Gascoyne Transport Company.
  • Carnarvon’s One Mile Jetty is one of the longest jetties in WA.
  • Carnarvon’s OTC Dish (Earth Tracking Station) was built in conjunction with NASA in 1966 as a satellite communications and tracking station.  The station was involved in the Apollo space missions.  The dish is 29.6m in diameter and weighs 300 tonnes.
  • Carnarvon is home to Australia’s rarest Thornbill – the long beak.  It can be spotted at Bush Bay.
  • Carnarvon supplies 70% of WA’s winter vegetable requirements.
  • Carnarvon produces over 30,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year from its 176 plantations.
  • Mt August is twice the size of Uluru (Ayers Rock) but clad in low shrub and is 1,600 too 1,750 million years old.
  • The town of Carnarvon is situated at the only point of the Australian coastline where the central desert reaches out to the sea


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