Blowholes Shacks Building Orders

Published on Friday, 29 April 2022 at 5:28:00 PM

The Shire of Carnarvon will be serving building orders for the demolition and removal of the shacks at the Carnarvon Blowholes to mitigate the health and safety risks they pose.  The orders will be served within the next two weeks and allow 60 days for the orders to be acted upon.

The shacks were originally erected without the building approval of the Shire and are in breach of building legislation.  The Shire has received a report from its Contract Building Surveyor that the shacks are dangerous and not fit for human occupation.

Under the Building Act 2011, the Shire of Carnarvon is responsible for ensuring the structures within the Shire are safe and compliant with regulations.

The Carnarvon Blowholes Reserve is a Crown reserve owned by the State Government under Management Order to the Shire and governed by the Blowholes Reserves Management Plan 2014 and has been advised by the State Government Minister for Lands that the shacks are a serious breach of the Management Plan.  However, the Minister has indicated an openness to finding a suitable alternative area to lease to allow shack owners, and potentially other members of the community, to build compliant and safe chalets.   The Shire is working in consultation with the BPA to identify an alternative area for leases that all stakeholders will find suitable.  With the approval of the Minister for Lands, the Management Plan could be updated and then the Shire would be in a position to offer up to 40 leases. 

“We respect the wishes of the current owners and occupiers as well as the history of the shacks. However, we have a duty to comply with the Blowholes Reserves Management Plan 2014 and the Building Act to ensure due process is followed,” said Shire President, Eddie Smith.  “The Shire is keen to move forward with a new lease site which will see the Blowholes area that the whole community can be proud of, use and enjoy.”

In accordance with the Blowholes Reserves Management Plan 2014, the area currently used by the shacks will be available for day use and camping grounds.  Anyone with any queries about the Blowholes and the Shire’s responsibilities is encouraged to study the FAQ sheet on the Shire’s website or to contact the Shire CEO, Andrea Selvey so they are informed of important facts.

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