Community Jury creates and investigates Big Ideas

Published on Thursday, 26 May 2022 at 9:00:00 AM

“We had an amazing session on Sunday,” said Shire President Eddie Smith, “Members of the Jury sat down with Shire officers and had some stimulating discussions about our shared Big Ideas for the future of Carnarvon.”  

At their second sitting, the Jury reviewed all the things they had  generated last week that they thought was important too: Focus on, Protect and Change for the future. They then checked to make sure that this list had covered all the possible aspects of the future including social, economic and environmental aspects.  

Much of the rest of the day was devoted to ‘Big Ideas’ – things that would make a big difference to the way Carnarvon is in the future. Things that would allow Carnarvon to be a place as great as everyone believes it can be. Each Idea was laid out by the Juror that proposed it and their fellow Jurists and specialists from the Shire worked on the idea to strengthen it.  

The final sitting of the Jury next Sunday will be a busy one for the Jurists. They will be finalizing Big Ideas, their Vision, what they want to Focus on, Protect and Change and bundling it all into a Report for release to Council and the Community. 

More information about how to get involved will be provided in the coming weeks or contact the Shire’s Manager of People Systems and Culture, Amanda Leighton, to hear more about how you can be a part of this exciting journey. 

This week students representing the Carnarvon Community College Students Report, ‘Theming Youth Input 2022” for the Shire of Carnarvon Strategic Community Plan presented to Council, see it live here 


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