Council Meeting 23 November 2021

Published on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 at 10:57:00 AM

Discussions covering infrastructure improvements including housing and road builds, a commitment to continue to involve the local community and public for comment and input and an exciting application for funding to activate the heart of Carnarvon with artistic and cultural activities were discussed at November’s Council meeting.

The Shire of Council held a meeting at Bill’s Tavern, Robinson Street in Coral Bay on November 23, opened by the Presiding Member, Cr Eddie Smith. Councillors representing various shire wards were also present as well as Andrea Selvey (Chief Executive Officer) and other office holders.

A strong and listening Council

A statement underlining the Council’s commitment to represent the community on various committees and working groups and panels was made. A determination to be a ‘strong and listening Council’ was affirmed with a high standard of governance and accountability.

Future meetings planned to attract public input

To this end, future meeting dates were deferred to consider how best to time meetings to allow increased community participation and attendance. Council representation on community and industry groups is an important link for the awareness of the Council on issues which may impact upon the community or Council business. It was noted that representation on these groups helps establish and maintain strong links with the community.

Social Housing funding requested by the GMF

The Gascoyne Memorial Foundation Inc (GMF) has tendered a request for Council to consider assisting the GMF in their application for funding under the Social Housing Economic Recover Package (SHERP). This is because the GMF is ineligible to apply and therefore would like the Shire to apply on their behalf.

The application for funding would fall specifically within the Department of Communities’ ‘Workstream 3’, which offers “$80million for targeted maintenance programs for up to 3800 regional social housing properties—including within remote Aboriginal communities—and subsidised housing for regional government workers”.

Funding would allow for maintenance of the GMF’s existing property on George Street, as well as an application for new buildings under Workstream 1. This would allow the development of vacant land on GMF-owned land at 7-11 George Street, Carnarvon, to increase their current capacity with a further 12 to 15 one-bedroom and two-bedroom residences.

By way of background, to further this application, the GMF was advised that it had to apply to become a registered housing provider, a process which would take at least three months, missing the deadline of 30 November 2021. Therefore, the GMF approached the Shire to submit the application on its behalf. No cash or in-kind contribution has been requested from the GMF. At this stage, the GMF is still developing the project, including the financial details and cost estimates. Costs are expected to exceed $5million.

To this end, the Department of Communities has confirmed that the Shire can apply for funding on behalf of the GMF. The Shire believes this is an important community development and is working with the GMF to facilitate the application in a timely manner.

For further information about this process, please contact the office of the Shire’s CEO.

Horizon Power Grant Community Partnership Fund

The Shire of Carnarvon identified an opportunity to apply for funding through the Horizon Power Community Partnerships fund. It was identified that the community would like to activate the main street to provide a vibrant drawcard for locals and visitors.

The funding of $10,000 will supplement Council’s budget for the Performing Arts and Culture Program which will see a delivery of a series of community outcomes and initiatives. The program aims to deliver up to ten projects within the Carnarvon community, which includes a series of different art forms – dance, which supports health and wellbeing, visual art workshops, which empower local and Aboriginal artists and offers the opportunity to learn new skills, performing arts, which offers theatre, and music performances for the community.

Horizon Power has a strong track record of supporting rural and remote communities and this injection of funds would be an excellent opportunity to activate Carnarvon’s local cultural and artistic community.

Harbour Road Construction update

The Shire of Carnarvon have accepted a tender submission from Tremor – The Earth’s Moving Company Pty Ltd to upgrade a 1.8gkm unsealed section of Harbour Road to a sealed standard with a minimum RAV 8 network rating. Tremor are a local contractor employing a largely local workforce.

Main Roads WA also plans to install a roundabout at the intersection of Robinson and Cornish Street. The Harbour Road project will provide the preferred route for heavy vehicles eliminating a requirement for heavy vehicles to negotiated the roundabout, and reduce or eliminate heavy vehicles on Robinson Street between Cornish Street and the North West Coast Highway.

After reviewing submissions and assessing costs involved, a budget variation is required to meet the estimated $2,324,300 costs. A source for contingency funds has been identified in the budget to allow for Tremor (which was judged the best value for money to the Shire) to include in their delivery of the project – supply and delivery of basecourse materials, and

sprayed seal intersection treatments at the Cornish Street and Hudson Street intersections.

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