Council Meeting - Blowholes Shacks

Published on Tuesday, 14 December 2021 at 10:52:00 AM

The future of the Blowholes shacks was formally discussed at the Shire of Carnarvon Council meeting on 14 December 2021. 

A dozen members of the public, including members of the Blowholes Protection Association (BPA) attended the meeting.  Several people presented information on the environmental work done by the BPA as well as views of the BPA and shack owners.

Council considered the presentations and commended the BPA for their work at the Blowholes; however, Council voted to uphold the officer’s recommendation to commence the process to issue building orders for the demolition and removal of the shacks.  This difficult decision was based on insurance issues and compliance with the State Government endorsed Blowholes Management Plan 2014. 

Records show that as early as 1985, the Shire has been concerned with the shacks and their state of deterioration. A recent Building Surveyor’s report has since stated that the remaining shacks and structures are at a high risk of collapse and would become dangerous in a high wind event.

Due to the longevity of the site and the affection some parts of the community hold for the shacks, the Council acknowledged that the decision was a hard one – but ultimately a necessary one in terms of safety, the potential insurance issues which may arise as the structures continue to deteriorate, and the State Government’s direction.

The Shire President, Cr Eddie Smith, directly addressed the issue with the following statement.

“The Shire is required to follow due process,” he said.  “We are working closely with the State Government, and we are working hard to find a site for new, modern chalets which are supported in the 2014 Management Plan for the area.  We hope to be able to engage with the BPA in those discussions as we would appreciate their input into the important decisions relating to the future of the area.”

The process for issuing building orders will begin in the New Year and will take several weeks to commence.

“The Shire is aware that the community has many questions about the shacks and the future of the Blowholes area and has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document which will be posted on the Shire’s website”

said Shire Chief Executive Andrea Selvey.

“We hope this FAQs document will assist in a better understanding of the issues.  If after reading the FAQs, members of the community still have queries, I am more than happy to meet and discuss the issues.”

For further information, please contact Alice Warwick

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