Council Proposes Revenue Strategy

Published on Thursday, 26 May 2022 at 2:20:26 PM

Council recognises that financial stability and sustainability is one of the highest and most pressing priorities and challenges facing the Shire of Carnarvon. Part of the President’s mantra is to stabilise the Shire’s finances. Council acknowledges that the Shire’s small ratepayer base cannot continue to sustain assets and that additional revenue streams are urgently needed to support programs that are needed, and often demanded by our community.

Noting this priority requirement that underpins all other aspects of the Shire’s operations, the Council made the development of a revenue strategy a priority for this year.

The strategy will be made available to the community and stakeholders as a draft. Feedback from the community will be provided to Council for consideration before Council considers formally adopting the strategy.

“The draft revenue strategy aims to improve transparency by providing the community with clear and detailed information about the Shire’s various revenue sources and how they are calculated,  “ says Shire President, Eddie Smith. 

“The revenue strategy is a living document, and it needs to be flexible to be able to respond to a changing external environment and to changes in community demand and expectations.”

It will also provide a guide for Council decision-making when considering the Long-Term Financial Plan and annual budget, project rates for the coming years to provide a level of certainty for ratepayers and Identify revenue sources other than rates to grow our revenue streams.

The Shire of Carnarvon looks forward to  hearing from you.

For media enquiries, please contact

Alice Warwick

Communications and Engagement Coordinator

P: 9941 0042 



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