Redevelopments Underway for Baxter Park

Published on Thursday, 3 November 2022 at 10:27:51 AM

The Shire is excited to announce major redevelopment works for Baxter Park which will be implemented over the next six months.

These updates are designed to reinvigorate the park into an inclusive recreational space with something for everyone and have been informed by feedback from our recent public information session.

Works commenced in recent weeks with the addition of two electric barbeques, which were installed on wide concrete pads for wheelchair accessibility, and connected to existing pathways.

Further upgrades include:

  • Removal of the aged infrastructure of the playground and exercise equipment to make way for a new playground.
  • Potential refurbishments to the existing gazebos to enhance the structures and include wind protection.

The redevelopment works will also see a major refurbishment of the existing toilet block to improve and upgrade the facility to DDA-compliant levels, with new plumbing, electrical fixtures and fittings, electronic timed doors, and an aesthetic update to the facility overall.  

The Shire will be going out to tender for the design and construction of the new playground in the coming weeks. Requirements for the nature playground include interactive educational play, native landscaping where possible and the design to represent the local history, art, and culture.

Shire President Eddie Smith recognises the part that Local Contractors play in the project, saying: “a big thanks to our local electricians and concreter who installed the BBQ’s for us, they’ve done a great job. We encourage our other local businesses to make a submission for the rest of the upcoming works, to ‘Fix what we’ve got’ and get these upgrades completed for the community to enjoy a BBQ lamb chop on the weekend!”

Continued improvements to Baxter Park through consideration of both health and safety and long-term viability of features has resulted in the decision to remove the existing water splash park. This is a critical health and safety decision due to the inability to provide a risk-free minimum standard for safe play. Plans to repurpose the existing concrete slab are already underway with the option of installing a basketball ring and/or painted games.

There is a master plan for future development beyond the current 6-month scope, with the objective to build on Baxter Park’s ideal location as a starting point to connect to the Fascine and other town landmarks such as the heritage trail.

Thank you to the members of our community for engaging in this process with us. Your valued ideas and suggestions have been considered throughout the planning of the re-development and helps us to ensure we create a space that serves you best.


Image: Master Plan


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