Ward system review finds no changes needed by Council

Published on Wednesday, 14 December 2022 at 3:05:38 PM

The Shire of Carnarvon has completed its mandated review of its ward system required this year and presented its findings to Council, who considered that the current ward and representation levels should remain as they are based on the review. Council has advised the Local Government Advisory Board of the completion of its ward review and that its recommendation is to retain the status quo as follows:

Town Ward: Four elected members

Plantation Ward: One elected member

Coral Bay Ward: One elected member

Gascoyne Minilya Ward: One elected member

Shire President: To be decided through a public vote by all electors in the district

Local governments that have a ward system of representation, such as the Shire, are required to undertake a review of their ward boundaries and representation. The frequency is decided on by the local government who must ensure that no more than 8 years elapse between successive reviews. The Shire’s last ward review was conducted in 2014.

Public consultation was held throughout the review process, including community engagement sessions in Carnarvon and Coral Bay as well as advertising in the local paper and on the Shire’s website. The public submissions period was open for 6 weeks, during which 4 submissions from the public were received, all of which were in favour of retaining the Ward system.

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