Road Conditions

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NOTE: The information below relates to Roads within the Shire of Carnarvon Only. Road Conditions may alter rapidly due to Local Rainfall – Motorists are advised to proceed with caution during and after rainy weather.  You should check road conditions prior to your journey by phoning Main Roads WA on 138 138 or the local Council office on 99410000 (Mon – Fri 8.00am to 5.00pm).  Caution is required at all floodways and unsealed roads, as road conditions can change rapidly due to local rainfall and runoff.  If floodwaters cover the road then only attempt the crossing if you absolutely must and only after checking if it is safe to do so.


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Road Condition Report as at: 19 February 2018 Time: 8.00 am  To be Reviewed: as required

Carnarvon-Gascoyne Junction – Mullewa OPEN  
Rocky Pool Road OPEN  
Minilya-Wandagee-Lyndon OPEN  
Lyndon – Towera – Barradale OPEN  
Lyndon – Mangaroon OPEN  
Warroora – North OPEN  
Warroora – South OPEN  
Mardathuna – Hills Springs OPEN  
Quobba – Gnaraloo OPEN  
Bibbawarra Road Crossing OPEN  
Bibbawarra Rd to Miaboolya Beach Rd OPEN  
Miaboolya Beach Road OPEN  
Bibbawarra Rd from Miaboolya Beach Rd to Blowholes Road OPEN  
Blowholes Road OPEN  
Wahroonga – Pimbee OPEN  
Pimbee – Meedo OPEN  
Edagee – Marron OPEN  
Callagiddy – Ella Valla – Yalbalgo OPEN  
Gladstone OPEN  
Uendoo (Between NWCH & turnoff) CLOSED 4WD ONLY 
New Beach – Bush Bay OPEN  
Race Course Road/Golf Course OPEN  
Oyster Creek Road OPEN  
One Tree Point OPEN  
Rubbish Tip Road (Speedway Road) OPEN  
Harbour Road OPEN  

For Main Roads Regional Road Condition Reports phone on 138 138.
or view alerts in the Gascoyne region on the Main Roads website 

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