Public Open Space Strategy Survey

‘Public open spaces contribute to the character of our town and provide our community’s identity. The Shire believes that attractive public open spaces with  facilities for recreation, sport, children’s play areas and other activities increase social interaction and encourage physical activity and active living. With this in mind, the Shire has  embarked on an initiative to prepare a Public Open Space Strategy for land that has been set aside for recreation, sport and  community purposes. 

The purpose of the strategy is to understand the community’s recreation aspirations; and to establish and implement strategies to  enhance the opportunities, experiences, benefits and the quality of life for the community. 

The Strategy aims to further identify not only where existing open spaces are to be enhanced or developed, but also those open spaces that are redundant and potentially use differently.

The community should have the greatest possible opportunity to put forward views on public open space planning that will better meet the needs of the community going into the future.  It is believed that the provision of quality public open spaces will offer substantial value, amenity and recreational benefits to both the residents and visitors of Carnarvon.

The Shire are seeking community feedback associated with the utilisation of these public open spaces, your participation in this survey is important in this process.

Link to the survey:

For more information, contact the Shire Administration Office on 9941 0000 to speak to our Planning team.’