The Shire of Carnarvon, working alongside Main Roads WA has a policy for the purposes of the erection, placement and display of any advertisement or sign (other than an exempted sign or advertisement). All signage proposals within the Shire of Carnarvon require the submission of a development application and the issue of planning consent prior to erection on-site.

Where applications comply with the requirements of this policy approval may be granted, subject to relevant conditions. New signage and advertising need to take into account existing signage and endeavour to remain in keeping with the character of the area.

Signage Requirements 

In the Shire of Carnarvon Signage Policy we have some general requirements for consideration for Development Approval: 

  • Displays on signs shall be directly related to the business name, products, and/or services within the tenancy.
  • Sites with two street frontages are permitted to have signage facing each of the related streets (a maximum of three (3) signs facing each frontage).

Restrictions for Signage 

If you are seeking to erect a sign within 

A sign shall not be erected or maintained:

  • So as to obstruct or impede all the view which may be enjoyed from a street or public place of the river, sea or any other place or feature of natural beauty;
  • So as to obstruct or impede the sightlines required for the free and safe movement of traffic in any street or public place;
  • So as to be likely to be confused with or mistaken for an official traffic light or sign or contravene the Road Traffic Act 1974 or any Regulations thereto;
  • On any building of which the stability is in the opinion of the Building Surveyor, likely to be affected by the sign;
  • On a light or power pole without the approval of the relevant authority responsible for the erection of that pole;
  • In any position where it obstructs or obscures a person's view from a dwelling of a river, the sea or any other natural feature of beauty;
  • If in the opinion of the local government the content of the signage or advertising is deemed ‘inappropriate’ in its wording or graphical presentation;
  • In any position wherein the opinion of the local government, the advertisement will be undesirable or out of harmony with the surroundings in the locality in which the advertisement is proposed to be exhibited.

Definitions of Signage 

“Advertisement” - means any word, letter, model, sign, placard, board, hoarding, notice, device or representation, whether illuminated or not, in the nature of and employed wholly or in part for the purposes of advertisement, announcement or direction and includes any structure, erection or wall converted to such use.

 “Fly Posting” – means advertising by means of more than one bill, posters or placard placed on fences, walls, trees, rocks and any like places, or things without authority;

"Horizontal Sign" means a sign fixed parallel to the wall of a building to which it is attached and with its largest dimension horizontal;

"Illuminated Sign" means a posted or painted advertisement capable of being lighted either from within or without the sign by artificial light provided, or mainly provided, for that purpose;

Local Government” means the Shire of Carnarvon.

“Other Advertisement” – an advertisement, which is not described by any other category of advertisement referred to in this Policy.

"Portable Sign' means a sign not permanently attached to the ground, building, post, wall or fence which only advertises a product or service available on the land upon which it is erected or upon land immediately adjacent to its location; including but not limited to a sandwich board sign consisting of two sign boards attached to each other at the top or elsewhere by hinges or other means;

"Pylon Sign" means a sign supported by one or more piers and not attached to a building and includes a detached sign supported on one or more piers to which sign infills may be added;

"Roof Sign" means a sign erected on the roof of a building;

“Vertical Sign” means a sign affixed or attached to the wall of a building or a structure, of which the vertical dimension of the sign exceeds the horizontal dimension of the sign exclusive of the back projection of the sign. 

Requirements for Particular Signs

Fly Postings shall not be attached or affixed without approval by the local government.

Illuminated Signs shall:

  • Have any boxing or casing in which it is enclosed constructed of incombustible material;
  • Have its electrical installation constructed and maintained to the satisfaction of Horizon Power;
  • Be maintained to operate as an illuminated sign; and
  • Not produce light of such intensity or colour as to create annoyance to a neighbouring property, the general public and/or interfere with passing traffic.

Horizontal Signs and “Vertical Signs must:

  • Afford a minimum headway of 2.10 metres from ground level;
  • Be affixed or attached parallel to the wall of the building or structure to which it is approved;
  • Not project more than 1.0m from the face of the building to which it is affixed or attached;
  • Not exceed a maximum size of 1.0 metres by 2.0 metres;
  • Not project more than 0.6m from the wall to which it is attached;
  • Be a minimum of 3.0m from the edge of bitumen sealed roadways;
  • Not be within 4.0m of another vertical or horizontal sign on the same building;
  • Not form more than one line of signs facing any one street, footpath, public place or private property on any building or structure; and
  • Not be lit or illuminated unless approved by the local government.

Portable Signs must:

  • Not exceed 900mm in height;
  • With the area of all faces combined not exceed 1.0m2;
  • Be of sound construction, maintained in good condition and placed to the satisfaction of the local government;
  • Be located wholly within the boundaries of land owned or occupied by the person who erected the sign or placed in a location approved by the local government;
  • If to be placed on Crown Land, be supported by the owner’s insurance to be held in currency and a letter indemnifying the local government against any public liability;  
  • Be removed at the close of business of each day and shall not be erected until the commencement of business on the following or subsequent trading day; and
  • Have the Development Approval Number displayed on the back of the sign. 

Pylon (Panel) Signs must:

  • Afford a minimum headway of 2.10 metres from ground level;
  • Not be more than 7.50 metres in overall height above ground level;
  • Not exceed 3.0 metres in width or length;
  • Not exceed the maximum area of 9.0m2;
  • Be supported on one or more piers or columns of brick, stone, concrete or steel and designed by a structural engineer for Region ‘D’ cyclonic conditions;
  • Not be within 2.0 metres of the side boundaries of the lot on which it is erected, unless otherwise approved by the local government;
  • Be more than 10.0 metres from any part of another pylon sign.

Roof Signs must:

  • Be located on the front elevation of gable-fronted buildings or be located above the gutter line of buildings with a verandah;
  • Not at any point be within 3.0m of the ground;
  • Not extend laterally beyond the external walls of the building;
  • Be designed for cyclonic conditions.

Signs on Fences may not be erected, attached, affixed, painted or maintained, notwithstanding Clause 2.1 of Shire of Carnarvon Town Planning Scheme No. 10 unless prior approval by the local government has been issued.

Other Advertisements may not be erected, attached, affixed, painted or maintained, notwithstanding Clause 2.1 of Shire of Carnarvon Town Planning Scheme No. 10 unless prior approval by the local government has been issued.

Service and Tourist Signs

  • The CEO has delegated authority to approve applications for the erection and the removal of service and tourist signs subject to the sign meeting the current MRWA standards.
  • Tourist signs may be installed for tourist establishments endorsed by the WA Tourism Commission.
  • The local government is responsible for the approval, installation and routine maintenance for service and tourist signs on all roads except those under the control of Main Roads WA. In all cases, the local government retains ownership of the signs and the right to relocate, modify or remove them as necessary.

Signs on Vehicles either upon or inside, adapted and exhibited primarily to facilitate advertising is not be permitted to park on any thoroughfare or car parking area without local government approval.

Exemptions from Planning Approval

A sign erected or maintained pursuant to any Act having operation within the State;

  • A sale sign not exceeding 1 square metre in the area;
  • A plate not exceeding 0.2 square metres in area erected or affixed on the street alignment indicating the name and occupation of the occupier of the premises;
  • Signs of use solely for the direction and/or control of people, animals and/or vehicles, or to indicate the name and/or street number of premises, providing the area of any such sign does not exceed 0.2 square metres;
  • Building name signs on residential flats or home units where they are of a single line of letters not exceeding 0.45m in height, fixed to the facade of the building;
  • Tenancy signs provided they do not exceed 2.0m in height and do not restrict motorist sight vision for vehicles entering or leaving the property.

Signs of a temporary nature that accord with the following:

Type of Signage

Level of Exemption

Max. Area

Building Construction Sites (advertisement signs displayed only for the duration of the construction as follows):

(i)         Dwellings

ii)         Multiple Dwellings, Shops Commercial & Industrial projects

One advertisement per street frontage containing details of the project and the contractors undertaking the construction work.


One sign as for (i) above.












Sales of Goods, Produce or Livestock

One sign per lot displayed for a period not exceeding 2 months advertising the sale of goods or livestock upon any land or within any building upon which the sign is exhibited provided that the land is not normally used for that purpose.


Property Transactions (advertisement signs displayed for the duration of a period over which property transactions are offered and negotiated.


One sign per street frontage for each property relating to the sale, leasing or impending auction of the property at or upon which the sign is or the signs are displayed.


Main Roads Signage Policy