Development approval also known as Planning Approval is a legal document that allows for a use of a development on a particular piece of land. Development approval is required to ensure that any use or development of land within the Shire of Carnarvon complies with the Schemes, Residential Design Codes, Policies and other relevant legislation.

What requires Development Approval? 

The following are the frequent categories of development that require Development Approval, though not limited to: 

Residential Development

    • Construction of a single house, ancillary dwelling or outbuilding (or additions to these buildings) where a deemed-to-comply requirement of the Residential Design Codes is not met and a ‘judgement of merit’ is required). Note, a single house, ancillary accommodation or outbuilding that meets all relevant deemed-to-comply requirements of the R-Codes is exempt from development approval.
    • Construction of or additions to grouped and multiple dwellings (e.g. units, townhouses, apartments, ).
    • Modification or demolition of a place that is listed on the State Register of Heritage Places, or Shire Heritage List, or where it is subject to an order under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990.

    Home-Based Business

    Development approval is required for the use of a residential home for a home-based business could include, though not limited to:

    • Food - such as jams, sauces, other condiments, cakes (no cream). 
    • Bed and breakfast - one meal (breakfast) per day.
    • Family day care - food prepared in a residential kitchen for no more than six children
    • Hairdressing 
    • Beauty therapy

    Development approvals for home-based businesses may require approval from the Shire of Carnarvon's Environmental Health team. 

    Commercial and Industrial Development

    • Any construction work that affects the external appearance of a building or land. 
    • Any change of use of land or buildings from one use to another unless the new use is permitted in the zone. 
    • Commercial or industrial development on land declared bushfire-prone.

    Applying for Development Approval


    Before you submit your Development Application. Please refer to the checklists below to ensure you have all the details you are required to include in your Development Application. 

    Development Application Checklist - New additions and alterations to existing dwelling

    Development Application Checklist - Home based business 

    Application Form

    To seek development approval, you are required to complete the Development Application Form.

    To seek approval to operate a mobile business, you are required to complete the Mobile Trading Licence Application Form

    Fees & Charges 

    You can refer to the Fees and Charges here.

    Currently advertised Development Applications 

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