The Shire of Carnarvon provides a verge collection twice a year, June/July and pre-cyclone season, October/November and is for residential addresses only.  This service is for each property that currently has a roadside bin service.  There is no ‘On Demand’ skip or collection service any other time. 

Notification of this service will be undertaken by advertising on social media, our Facebook page, the Carnarvon Noticeboard Facebook page and our website. 

You must not place your waste on the verge earlier than 7 days prior to the collection date.  Please see the table below for the dates for collection.

JUNE 2024
Normal Rubbish Collection Day Verge Pick Day
Dates to come Dates to come

Guide to placing your items on the kerbside for collection 

  • Place items within 7 days of bulk verge collection
  • Ensure all items are out the day before your designated collection day
  • Everything needs to be neatly stacked
  • Sort your waste into your two piles, green waste and building waste
  • Don’t place it near sprinklers, water meters, mailboxes, power poles, trees or other obstructions because they may be damaged as waste is collected manually
  • Don’t leave items not intended for build refuse collection on the verge, eg bicycles
  • Please do not allow items to obstruct the footpath or spill out onto the road. 
  • Please do not place items under trees, against power poles or their supportive wires.
  • Please do not have a pile that is more than 2.0 meters in length
  • Piles and Items cannot exceed 2.0 meters in length or 40kg in weight or 100mm in diameter

What will be collected? 

  • Green waste – branches, cuttings and leaves
  • Building waste

What items will not be collected?

  • No car bodies/parts, tyres, batteries
  • No household furniture or general junk – eg couches, tables, televisions, vacuum cleaners, carpet, etc
  • Crop material
  • No white goods – such as dryers, washing machines, fridges, deep freezers
  • No Sand, soil or lawn sods
  • No bricks, rubble, rocks, concrete or cement
  • No chemical hazardous waste or liquids (paint, oil, garden chemicals, pesticides, oil-filled radiators/heaters/etc)
  • No broken glass or mirrors
  • No glass bottles or gas cylinders
  • No foodstuff or household waste, use the general waste bin
  • No large logs or wood stumps
  • No small items that need to be boxed or bagged for collection – eg clothing, books, ‘nik-naks’
  • No Asbestos or other fibrous material – for more information on how to dispose of these safely, please contact our Environmental Health Department
  • Waste that is NOT correctly separated
  • Waste presented at any other location apart from your own verge
Bulk verge items that will not be collected:
  • The maximum amount of waste on your verge for each type exceeds 2 meters in length
  • Any items not meeting the requirements, will not be picked up. 
  • Items on vacant blocks will also not be picked up
  • Your waste was put out too late? 
  • Must not be placed on the verge for collection until 7 days prior to the collection date
  • All waste should be presented for collection the day before pick up, any waste placed on kerbside the day of pick up may be missed. 
  • Any waste presented after your designated date may be missed.