Board Books

Children’s board books are an important early learning tool for every young child. These can be great way to introduce your toddler to holding a book and turning pages all on their own. Combining simple language with fun, colourful illustrations and featuring sturdy, no-tear pages, board books are the first stepping stone towards other kinds of picture books - and to your child's lifelong love of reading.

Our board books are organized into sections using the first letter of the authors last name and can be found in the Kids' Zone.

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Picture Books

Picture books are primarily intended for children aged 3-7 years. These have illustrations on every page since looking at the images helps with story comprehension and understanding that words have meaning. The illustrations also help children contextualise the words on the page by giving visual cues to their meaning. In addition, picture book illustrations strengthens a child's observation skills, as there is often more happening in the art than stated in the text!

Our picture books are organised into sections using the first letter of the authors last name and can be found in the Kids' Zone.

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Early Readers

Early Reader books are your child's introduction to reading a 'chapter book'. These quick reads are organised by colour to help identify the difficulty level:

BLUE stickers on the spine means the book is for beginner readers. Most words are short and can be sounded out. They have 4-6 words per sentence, and 10-15 pages per book.

GREEN stickers on the spine means the book is for more confident readers. Some words can be recognised by sight. They have 6-10 words per sentence, and 2-3 sentences per page.

YELLOW stickers on the spine means the book is for advanced readers. Readers will learn to take note of punctuation and can read longer, more complex sentences with expression. They have up to 12 words per sentence, and up to 5 sentences per page.

RED stickers on the spine are for readers enjoying longer books that are read in more than one session, and reading silently most of the time. They have up to 10 sentences per page, and most books will be in chapter form.

the library early reader book collection

DVDs for toddlers

Our collection of DVDs for toddlers have a G or PG rating.  Located on the green spinners, you can identify these DVDs by the large capital-letter sticker on the spine (with the first letter of the title, eg 'T' for Thomas the Tank Engine). These DVDs include movies and episodes of TV programs for children aged approximately 0-6 years. the library toddler DVD collection

Junior Fiction

Our junior fiction books are for readers who have advanced beyond Early Reader books, with content suitable for children approximately 6-12 years. There is a wide scope in the number of pages per book, subject themes, reading difficulty, vocabulary complexity, and use of pictures (or none) that makes it hard to describe these books even with a broad description! These books generally avoid going into specific detail of some serious themes, but they do often discuss this content. our junior fiction collection

Junior Non-fiction

We have a broad range of junior non-fiction books that will both entertain and inform. These books can be great for school assignments, learning more about a sport or hobby, or for anyone interested in knowing more about the world we live in! the library junior fiction book collection

DVDs for Children

These DVDs are rated G or PG and can be identified by a spine label such as "JF DIS" for 'Disney'. These DVDs include movies and episodes of TV programs for children aged approximately 6-12 years. our childrens dvd collection

Junior Audiobooks

Audiobooks are an excellent way to ease children into the joy of reading. They are often narrated by the authors themselves or by a professional voice actor, bringing the book alive with emotion and atmosphere. You can play our audiobooks in a CD player or car stereo.

Don't forget we also have e-Audiobook options through our e-Library; for younger children you can try the online stories using the Storybox resource, or explore our other e-Resources that feature collections of junior e-Audiobooks in both fiction and non-fiction.

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