The Shire of Carnarvon will issue an annual rate notice in August to the owner of the property or their nominated agent at the last notified postal or email address. The annual rates notice will be either mailed or emailed, depending on if you have asked for emailed rates.      

We will provide a detailed rates bill, showing general land rates, emergency state levy, pensioner concessional entitlement, relevant service charges (i.e., rubbish fees, swimming pool levy, payment arrangement fees) and any prepayments.  

A property may be billed more frequently if the owner chooses to pay by the instalment payment options. 

Instalment Option 

Payment Due Date      

Rates notice issue date: 

28 August 2023

Full Payment 

04 October 2023

Two Instalment Option 

First instalment 

Second and final instalment 


04 October 2023

07 February 2024

Four Instalment Option 

First instalment 

Second instalment 

Third instalment 

Fourth and final instalment 


04 October 2023

06 December 2023

07 February 2024

10 April 2024

  • Option 2 - x 2 Instalments 
  • Option 3 - x 4 Instalments 
  • Or a Payment Arrangement Agreement upon review 

Interim Rates 

We will issue an interim rate notice to properties when there have been significant changes made to the property that affects its valuation. The property’s rates account will be adjusted, and interim rates notice will be issued, providing you 35 days to pay the interim amount.     

Examples of where a valuation would be amended include: 

  • a new building has been built. 
  • a pool has been installed. 
  • a new room has been added. 
  • property has been demolished. 
  • additional rubbish service is requested. 

    As a service to property owners, we will issue accounts to either the property agent or tenant at the owner’s request. If an account is sent to a third party (i.e. anyone other than the owner) and remains unpaid after the due date, recovery action will be taken against the owner. To update your account details or add a managing agent, complete the change of address form here. 

    Property Owner's Responsibilities 

    Please notify us of any change in circumstances, such as a new postal or email address and change in ownership or land use. 

    Pay your account by the due date.  We understand it can sometimes be difficult to pay bills on time.  We have flexible payment arrangement options available that can be tailored to meet your financial situation, so if you are having trouble paying by the due date, please contact us. Overdue payments will result in interest being charged on the overdue amount.  

    Liability for Charges 

    As the property owner, you are responsible for all service charges. Any arrangement between an owner and a tenant regarding the payment of charges is a private matter between those parties.   

    If the property is sold, any outstanding charges are usually deducted from the proceeds of the sale by your settlement agent. If these charges are not cleared, the debt will transfer to the new owner.  When appointing your settlement agent, you may wish to confirm that they will finalise your rates account on settlement.  

    Pensioner & Senior Concessions 

    If you receive a rebate or concession, you should: 

    1. Notify us of any change in circumstances that may impact your eligibility. 
    2. Pay your account by the due date to retain the service charges rebate.  

    Non-payment will result in the rebate being reversed and the full amount being placed into deferral if you are eligible to defer.