Floods are unpredictable and destructive, and they happen in the Carnarvon and Coral Bay areas even if we do not have rain.  The Minilya, Wooramel, Lyndon and Gascoyne rivers are known to flood on average every ten (10) years.  Most will remember the 7.9-metre flood of 2010-2011.  It took nearly 10 years for some to recover from those floods and the emotional scars are still evident.

Floods can cause injuries and death, damage to major roads and infrastructure, cut essential services, stop the delivery of freight, isolate communities, destroy property and livelihoods.  Mental healing can take longer than physical. 

Flooding could happen anywhere, at any time and from a variety of water sources including rivers, overflowing catchments areas upstream and storm tides.  Mostly due to heavy rainfall caused by tropical lows and cyclones.  The flow can originate as far inland as the eastern side of the Great Northern Highway between the section of approximately 140km south of Newman and 160km north of Meekatharra.

The physical damage to property can be traumatising and cause great hardship.  Being affected by a flood can be an extremely emotional time.  Recovery can be slow, stressful and costly.

There are a few things you can do to help keep you, your family and your property safer in the event of a flood.  It is worth spending a few hours ensuring your home is secure, preparing an emergency kit and flood plan can help you to survive the effect of a flood.

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services launched the 'Flood Safety' campaign which helps you prepare for Floods: 

Preparing for a Flood 

People who prepare for a flood before it happens are more likely to keep themselves, their families and pets safe. Find out about preparing your flood plan and steps you can take to reduce the impact and damage from floodwaters. 

Find out more on how to prepare for a flood at the DFES website

During a Flood 

If a flood is expected, and you have time before it arrives, there are a number of things you can do to keep your property and belongings safe.

Find out more on what to do during a flood at the DFES website

Recovering from a Flood 

Floods cause severe damage and disruptions to households and communities. Find out what to expect after a flood and what action you can take to recover.

Find out more on how to recover from a flood at the DFES website

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