The Shire of Carnarvon receives regular enquiries regarding snakes. We have populated the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your query. Please contact us at (08) 9941 0000. 

I found a snake in my garden/home, what do I do?

DO NOT approach or aggravate the snake in any way.

  • Scan the area and find an exit and move away slowly from the snake
  • Ensure your family and any pets are safe and are aware of the present danger
  • Ensure your pets have no access to the area
  • Allow the snake to find its exit and make its way out

Keep an eye on it at all times and call

  • The Rangers 99410019 during business hours.
  • Carnarvon Snake Catcher & Relocation – Rob Newman 0477 038 738 after hours and weekends

If I get bitten by a snake, what is the process for applying first-aid?

  1. Remain calm
  2. Move the victim away from the snake as safely as possible
  3. Call 000 and ask for an ambulance
  4. Apply a compression bandage to the whole limb of the area that has been bitten
  5. Mark on the top of the bandage the location of the bite.
  6. Ensure they stay still and are in a resting position

Can I have a snake as a pet?

No, it is illegal to obtain and keep snakes bred in the wild.

If you wish to keep a snake as a pet, you need to contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife which can guide you through the application process and the legalities of owning a snake. Fines and penalties may apply to those who are found to have illegally obtained snakes of any species.

What attracts a snake to my home or garden?

Food, water, and shelter.

Snakes can climb, flatten themselves to move through very narrow gaps, hide in and under furniture.

How can I protect my home or garden from snakes?

  • Keep your garden well maintained
  • Empty out or limit pots of water outside
  • If you leave windows or doors open with no flyscreen or with gaps snakes may enter
  • Adding flyscreens and gap fillers to your home can assist in keeping snakes from entering your home
  • Snakes can enter through gaps in your eaves and floor space. Closing up these gaps

I’ve seen a snake in the wild, what do I do?

Please leave it alone and walk quietly away without disturbing it.  That is his home.