Presented by the Shire of Carnarvon in partnership with the Gascoyne Arts Society, the Gascoyne Art Awards provide a special opportunity for the community to connect and engage with the Arts, and celebrate the Shire of Carnarvon and Gascoyne Region as a place of creativity and culture.

Each year, artists from across Western Australia are invited to submit their artwork, welcoming a variety of artistic mediums and styles including drawings, paintings, sculptures and ceramics. The Art Awards are held in the Shire of Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery and are open to artists aged 16 and above, featuring a diverse mix of emerging talent through to established art professionals.

The Art Awards exhibition is held over four weeks, showcasing the talent from our local community and broader arts sector, while supporting artists to create new works that ignite the imagination, tell our unique stories, and foster connections.

The event aspires to be innovative, creative, and progressive. Art is a great connector, helping us understand different perspectives and build bridges, while contributing to the health, wellbeing, and general life satisfaction of our residents.

2024 Art Awards

Key Dates and Deadlines:

Entries Open

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Entries Close

Wednesday 31 July 2024 at 5pm

Artwork Drop-off period

Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7 August 2024

Opening and Awards Night

Friday 16 August 2024 at 5:30pm

Exhibition Dates

Friday 16 August to Friday 13th September 2024

Awards Closing Event

Friday 13th September 2024 at 5:30pm

Artwork Pick-up period

Thursday 19 & Friday 20 August 2024

Information Sessions and Workshops

Come along to our Information Session to find out more about the Gascoyne Art Awards and to find answers to any queries that you may have.

Sign up for one of our Professional Development Workshops which are aimed at supporting artists in preparing their artwork for entry to the Awards.

Dates and Details currently being developed.

Entry Form 

Click here to enter


2023 Gascoyne Art Awards Best Overall Winner 'Judy' by Gosia Taylor

Artwork Categories and Prizes

All entries meeting the entry requirements will be accepted and exhibited. 

The Art Awards include the following prizes and seven categories:

  • Best Overall Artwork (selected from all the entries and categories) - Cash Prize $8,000

         This is an acquisitive prize and will become part of the Shire of Carnarvon Art Collection.

  • The People’s Choice (public voting during the exhibition period) - Cash Prize to be confirmed.

1. Gascoyne Seascape

(Location must be noted on entry form)

Cash Prize to be confirmed

2. Gascoyne Landscape

(Location must be noted on entry form)

Cash Prize to be confirmed

3. Abstract Art

(Includes art which does not depict visual reality but communicates meaning through lines, shapes, colours and forms)

Cash Prize to be confirmed

4. Still Life

     (Includes art which shows inanimate objects from the natural or man-made world)

Cash Prize to be confirmed

5. Three-Dimensional Art

     (Includes sculptures, carvings, welding, other art forms that occupy physical space and can be perceived from all sides angles)

Cash Prize to be confirmed

6. Human Form

    (Includes life drawings, portraits, depictions of a person/people)

Cash Prize to be confirmed

7. Gascoyne Indigenous Artist

    (Artwork can be 2D or 3D and must be created by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artist, residing in the Gascoyne Region.

Cash Prize to be confirmed

The participating artworks will be judged by two independent arts professionals to determine the winners. The judges’ names will be available in the catalogue and will be announced at the Awards Opening Night.


Art Awards Events 

The Opening Night Awards Event will be held at 5:30pm on Friday 16 August 2024. Tickets will be available via Eventbrite. 

  • All category award winners will be announced, plus the Best Overall Winner of 2024.

The Awards Closing Event will be held at 5:30pm on Friday 13th September 2024. Tickets will be available via Eventbrite.

  • The People's Choice award winner will be announced.

The Exhibition

Held at the Shire of Carnarvon Library & Art Gallery at 18 Egan Street, this free four-week exhibition provides an opportunity for the community to explore the artworks, engage with the community, and purchase any of the exhibits which will be available for collection after the exhibition has closed.

The Art Awards attract the interest of a broad cross section of the community including WA Artists, local residents, youth, arts patrons and visitors to the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many artworks can I enter?

A total of four pieces of artwork can be entered per artist.

These can be entered in the same category or in a mix of categories, noting that only Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders residing in the Gascoyne Region can enter the Gascoyne Indigenous Artist Category.

Does the artwork need to be recently created?

Yes.  All entries must have been created in the 12 months prior to the Closing Date and must be the entrant’s original work.

What is the maximum size of the artwork?

Two-dimensional artwork:

  • The maximum size for all artworks to be hung is 1.5m x 1.5m in any direction including the frame.
  • The maximum weight for all artworks to be hung is 10kg.

Three-dimensional artwork:

  • Sculptural/three-dimensional artworks should not exceed 12kg and 2 cubic metres.
  • Any works which exceed these limits require prior consultation with the art gallery and prior approval.

Does it cost to enter?

The entry fee is $40 per artwork, payable at the time of entry, either online or in person. The entry fee is non-refundable.

Are artworks for sale?

All artworks are for sale and the Shire of Carnarvon charges a 10% commission on the sale of all artworks. 

Will my artwork automatically be accepted?

All artworks meeting the Terms and Conditions of Entry will be accepted for the Gascoyne Art Awards. 

Any entries deemed unsuitable by the curator and/or are non-compliant with the conditions of entry will not be exhibited and the entry fee will be refunded, and the entry form cancelled.

Who judges the Awards?

All entries will be judged by two independent arts professionals who are experts in the field. The judges’ decisions will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The judges’ names will be available in the catalogue and will be announced at the Opening and Awards Night.

What is the overall Acquisitive Award?

The Best Overall winner prize is an $8,000 acquisitive award, with the winning artwork becoming part of the Shire of Carnarvon Art Collection. 

The remaining prizes are non-acquisitive and these artworks will be available for sale throughout the exhibition.


For more information on the Gascoyne Art Awards, please contact or phone our Gallery team on 9941 3388.