The Shire of Carnarvon is guided by legislation and planning schemes that control the development and use of land across the Shire.

Local Planning Scheme No. 13 guides development within the Shire of Carnarvon. Local Planning Scheme No. 13. comprises of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps, which can be viewed here.

The Scheme Maps identify different zones for particular uses and should be read in conjunction with the Scheme Text.

The Local Planning Scheme 13 was presented and endorsed by Council on the 24 September 2019.  The document has now been gazetted and can be viewed here.

You will find an index map to assist you to find the map for the location you are looking for in the link above.  If you require assistance or further information please contact Town Planning, within the Development Services at the Shire office on 9941 0000.

Scheme Amendment

From time to time, it becomes necessary to amend the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme.  When a change is proposed or made to the Local Planning Scheme, it is referred to as a scheme amendment.  These changes can be proposed by landowners, State Government agencies or the Shire itself.  The decision to initiate a scheme amendment is at the discretion of the Shire (which has no appeal rights). Once initiated, the Shire becomes responsible for progressing a scheme amendment.

Scheme amendments occur for a variety of different reasons including:

  • A change in zoning to accommodate development
  • A change in the residential density coding to alter residential density
  • A change in the scheme’s wording to ensure more effective planning
  • To implement the strategic vision of the local planning strategy

Advertised Planning Scheme Amendments

Amendment No. Submissions Open Amendment Description Document Submissions Close

There are currently no

Planning Scheme Amendments advertised.

Approved Planning Scheme Amendments

Amendment No. Approval Date Amendment Description Document Government Gazette
2 26 April 2023 Rezoning and Reclassifying Land to Tourism and Foreshore Reserve at Babbage Island, Carnarvon Minister Approval - LPS13 Amendment No.2 Gazette 53 of 2023
4 2 May 2023 Rezoning Part Lot 9001 David Brand Drive, Brockman from “Urban Development” zone to “Residential R20” zone Minister Approval - LPS13 Amendment No.4

Gazette 58 of 2023

5 4 July 2023 Amending Additional Use for Zoned land to include a Veterinary Centre at Lot 195 (No 231) Robinson Street, Morgantown.  Minister Approval - LPS13 Amendment No.5

Gazette 91 of 2023

6 8 August 2023 Rezoning Part of Lot 500, DP74108 North River Road, North Plantations from “Environmental Conservation” reserve to “Priority Agriculture” zone Minister Approval - LPS13 Amendment No.6

Gazette 103 of 2023