The Shire of Carnarvon recognises the value and importance of the services and contributions that not-for-profit recreation, sporting, and community groups provide to the community. 
Council provides a rates relief to those eligible not for profit recreation, sporting, and community groups by offering up to a 50% waiver on their general land rates.  
To apply, an organisation is required to complete all sections of the Rates Concession Application Form and submit any additional documentation requested.   Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the application.
The lodging of an application does not affect the liability of a ratepayer to pay the rates assessed in full or under an instalment option whilst awaiting the outcome of their application.
All balances outstanding will accrue 7% penalty interest.
Once the application has been processed and Council has made its decision, a formal written response will be issued to the applicant.
Assistance with Application
If you want to find out more information about whether you may be entitled to apply for a rates concession or have any questions about the application form, please contact the Shire at (08) 9941 0000 or complete the Rates online enquiry form here.