The Shire of Carnarvon Rangers are responsible for enforcing the Litter Act 1979 to help prevent the act of littering within the Shire. Litter is unattractive and can cause injury to people and wildlife, the build-up of litter can also encourage people to further litter in an area.

Litter is defined in the Litter Act 1979 as:

  • All kinds of rubbish, refuse, junk, garbage or scrap.
  • Any articles or material abandoned or unwanted by the owner or the person in possession thereof.

This includes:

  • Incorrectly discarding rubbish in a public place.
  • Dumping rubbish in reserves or vacant land.
  • Depositing domestic or commercial waste in a public bin.
  • Items escaping from an unsecured load.
  • Posting publicity material (bill posting) in a public place or on a vehicle without the permission of the owner.
  • Abandoned shopping trolleys.
  • Careless cigarette butt disposal.

The act however does not include dust, smoke or other like products emitted or produced during the normal operations of any mining, extractive, primary or manufacturing industry.