How can I contact the Rangers?

The Rangers can be contacted during working hours of 8.00 am to 4.30 pm on weekdays.  To contact the Rangers, call on 9941 0019 or the Shire’s General Enquiry number 9941 0000.  You can also contact the Rangers by email at  Be sure to leave your name and a contact number for the Rangers to return your call.

The Rangers' mobile numbers are not made public, so please contact a Customer Service representative who will record all the details of your concern, then contact the Rangers with all the details. 

For after hours emergencies only, please call 9941 0000.

Do I have to register my Dog?

Yes.  Under the Dog Act 2015, all dogs are to be registered.

You can register your dog by completing the online form and making payment on the Shire of Carnarvon website or in person at 3 Francis St Carnarvon WA 6701.  Alternatively, you can phone or email the shire office and request a registration form be emailed to you.

You will need to supply proof of microchipping with the number, a copy of the sterilisation certificate if the dog has been sterilised.

Does my dog have to be microchipped?

Yes.  Under the Dog Act 2015, all dogs are to be microchipped.

Microchips are to be inserted in accordance with the Dog Act and Regulations, by a certified person to carry out the procedure, such as a vet and registered with an approved microchip organisation.  A certificate is provided at the time of microchipping as proof and with details on where to go to update your dog’s information at any time.

A copy of the certificate and or the microchip number is required for all dog registrations.

How much is it to register my dog?

Registration       1 year                   3 years                 Lifetime

Sterilised             $20                         $42.50                   $100

Unsterilised        $50                         $120                       $250

When does dog registrations expire?

All pet registrations expire on the 31 October of the year indicated on the registration tag, other than lifetime registrations.

When can I expect to receive my registration renewal notice?

Renewals are posted out at the beginning of October each year. 

I did not receive a registration renewal for my dog?

Renewals are sent to the postal address provided by the owner.  It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the Shire has the correct postal details. If you have moved house, you will need to notify the Shire so the records can be updated to ensure you receive your renewal notice. 

You can update your postal information by email, phone, post or by coming into the Shire office. 

How do I get my dog Microchipped and how much does it cost?

You need to contact the Veterinary Clinic to book your dog in to have the chip inserted.  The cost is provided by the Vet and is payable to the Vet.  On average it could cost between $60 and $70.

Microchips are to be inserted in accordance with the Dog Act and Regulations, by a certified person to carry out the procedure, such as a vet and registered with an approved microchip organisation.  A certificate is provided at the time of microchipping as proof, which includes details on where to go to update your dog’s information at any time.

How many dogs can I have on one premise?

A maximum of two (2) only.  To house more than two dogs you will need to apply for approval.  An application to house more than 2 dogs is available at the Shire office at 3 Francis Street.  There is a fee of $150 payable at the time of submission application.

I have a complaint about someone’s dog, who do I contact?

In the first instance, try to discuss the issue respectfully with the dog’s owner, if known.  If the issue cannot be resolved amicably, then contact the Rangers on 9941 0019 or the Shire’s General Enquiry number 9941 0000 or by email at  Be sure to leave your name and a contact number for the Rangers to call you on.

As the Rangers are generally on the road performing their duties, a Customer Service representative will take your call with all the details of your issue.  They will then register your complaint with the Rangers.  You will be contacted by a Ranger in due course, depending on the nature of your complaint and the urgency it can be same day or within 5 working days. 

You may be asked to complete a complaint form.  You can complete it at the Shire office, online at this link, or we can email one out on request.

NOTE: Rangers' mobile numbers will not be given out. 

My dog is missing. How can I find out if it is in the pound?

First, please look around and under your house and property.  Walk or Drive around your neighbourhood to see if you can locate your dog.  Call friends whose homes your dog would know and walk routes you have taken your dog. 

If you are unable to locate your dog, please call the Rangers on 9941 0019 or the Shire general enquiries on 9941 0000.

Please be mindful that not all missing dogs are found and picked up by the Rangers and may not be at the pound. 

The owners of all dogs that are registered and microchipped will receive a call from the Ranger to make arrangements for the return of the dog if the Rangers have caught them.

Unregistered dogs collected by the Ranger will be taken to the pound.

What happens to dogs in the pound?

All dogs caught by the Rangers are wormed, fed, watered, exercised and vet checked where necessary.  The Rangers check on them, feed them and play with them twice a day, receiving excellent care and attention.

The animal’s welfare is most important to the Shire of Carnarvon and our Rangers.

I have a dog in the pound.  How much is it to get it out?

If your dog is in the pound, it will be a $70 impound fee, plus $25 per day for sustenance.  If the dog is not microchipped or registered there will be a $69 fee to have the dog microchipped and a Registration Fee for a minimum of 1 year which is $50 for unsterilised and $20 for sterilised dogs.

How long are dogs held at the pound?

Unregistered dogs are kept for 3 days.  Registered dogs for 7 days.

What happens to unclaimed dogs from the pound?

Unclaimed and surrendered dogs are assessed for suitability for rehoming, in partnership with S.A.F.E, Carnarvon.

I have a dog I don’t want anymore.  What do I do?

You can surrender your dog for a fee of $70 with the Ranger.  The dog will then be assessed for suitability to be rehomed through S.A.F.E

I have been attacked by a dog.  Who do I call and what do I need to do?

Dog attacks require written statements.  You will need to include as much detail as possible, including clear descriptions of injuries and any photos (best evidence for your case), of the incident that may have been taken, even of the dog, if possible.  If you could list any witnesses to the incident and their contact details.

You can call the Shire on 08 9941 0000, the Rangers at (08) 9941 0019 or email your statement to, or request a statement form by emailing or  Alternatively, you can come into the Shire office and complete a form. 

The Rangers will contact you and proceed with the investigations.

How can I find out if a dog is registered?

All registered dogs should have a tag on their collar.  Due to privacy laws, we are unable to release the personal details of the owners.  We can take your details and pass them on to the Rangers or let the owners know where they can collect their dog if you have it. 

How can I change the details of my dog's Microchip?

When your dog was microchipped by the vet, you would have been given a certificate.  The details of the organisation your dogs’ chip are registered to will be on that certificate.  Alternatively, you can either call the vet and ask for the details or take your dog to the vet to have the chip read and get the contact details.

As the owner, it is your responsibility to contact the microchip organisation to change or update the details.  You will need to prove ownership of the dog.

I am moving. Can I transfer my dog’s registration to another town?

Yes.  You can transfer your dog registration from the Shire of Carnarvon to the Shire you are moving to within Western Australia.  Unfortunately, pet registrations are not transferable between states.

Contact the shire you’re moving to and advise them of your dog's registration details, name, tag number and your details and the Shire that your dog is presently registered with.  The Shire will contact the one you are leaving to notify them of the transfer.

With most Shires within WA, there may be no charge for the transfer however some may charge for the replacement tag.

Someone told me the Rangers took my dog.  How can I get the dog back?

First, check to make sure the information you received is accurate.  Not all missing dogs have been found by the Rangers and placed in the pound.

Call the Shire (08) 9941 0000 to let the staff know the name, age, colour, breed and distinguishing marks on your dog.  Let the staff know if it is wearing a collar, registered or not and Microchipped or not.

This information will then be entered into the system and emailed to the Ranger's phones.  If they do have your dog, they will contact you.  The Shire Customer Service Staff are informed of dogs that the Rangers have in their care and will be able to let you know if the Rangers have your dog or not.

In the meantime, keep walking and driving around to see if you can locate your fur baby.  Check down by the river and Fascine too.

There is a stray dog roaming my street, what do I do?

Stray dogs often linger around food sources, ensuring that the Community does not feed these strays, they will stay away from your property.

Call the Shire of Carnarvon on (08) 9941 0000 and give the Customer Service Officer as much detail of a description as you can.  The location of the dog, whether it is injured or not.  If it is friendly see if it is wearing a collar and has tags on the collar.  If there is a registration tag on the collar get the number and give it to the Customer Service officer.

This is all vital information the Rangers use to return the dog to its rightful owner.

If you know who the owner is, contact the owner and ask them to come to collect the dog, before you call the Rangers.  The owners will be grateful if you did.

My neighbour’s dog keeps coming into my yard, how can I stop it from happening?

First, have a quiet polite conversation with your neighbour. 

Assist your neighbour by checking the fence line of your properties and blocking up any gaps from your side.  Do not yell and scream at the dog.  This only confuses dogs, and they will not follow your directions.  Firmly and calmly say, “Go Home”.  Scaring or chasing dogs will invariably end with the dog being terrified, and terrified dogs generally attack and bite when scared.  It is their only line of defence.  Be gentle but firm when dealing with dogs and take the dog home to your neighbour.

If there is a problem, then call 9941 0000 and request the Ranger to mediate on your behalf

There is a dog that is chasing people on bikes and walking down the road.  Who do I call to get it to stop?

Call 9941 0000 and a Customer Service Officer will get the Ranger to investigate.  If you can get a photo of the dog and email it to that would be very helpful.

My neighbour’s dog barks continuously.  How can it be stopped?

Email or call 9941 0000 (a Customer Service Officer will take down your report and create a job for the Ranger to investigate). 

The Ranger cannot investigate without your cooperation, your name, address, phone number and email address are required.  They will not come to your house if you wish to remain anonymous to the dog owner.  The Ranger will contact you by phone, so let us know if you wish to remain anonymous to the dog owner.

The Rangers will require you to do a barking diary, noting times, dates and length of time the dog barks.  This gives evidence to assist in the inquiry and come to a resolution.

There is a dog that looks neglected, how do I report it?

There are a few avenues you can take.

  1. Report to the Shire by calling 9941 0000
  2. Email including photos of the dog in question.
  3. Contact S.A.F.E and make a report
  4. S.A.F.E Carnarvon Branch

          Phone: 0448 569 563
          Postal Address: PO Box 1309, Carnarvon, WA 6701

Contact RSPCA WA: 1300 RSPCA 2 (1300 777 222)

Can I make an anonymous report about a dog or neighbour?

Yes.  However, without your name and contact details the Rangers may not be able to investigate the issue and get additional information they may need.

You will not receive any feedback from your report.

In order for the Rangers to do due diligence to your report they will need to be able to contact you.  However, you can remain anonymous to the community and the owners of the dog in question.  Your privacy and request for anonymity will be honoured by the Rangers.