Younger Teens Fiction (JF YA)

Our younger teen fiction books are for readers who have embraced chapter books enthusiastically and can dive into a book with more substance. With content suitable for teens aged approximately 12-15 years, these books start to discuss more serious themes affecting teenagers. our younger teens collection

Younger Teens Graphic Novels (JF YA)

Graphic novels (or 'comics' as they are commonly known) are a type of book that are great for visual learners and kids who don't engage when they see large blocks of text. These books are defined as "a story told with sequential, illustrated panels," and feature short sentences as description or conversation. Because these elements are linked spatially on the page, it helps visual learners see the relationship between them. Don't think that just because there are so many pictures that these books aren't great for your kids - the language used is often concise and more focussed than long-form paragraphs in chapter books, so these books are great for expanding your child's vocabulary.

Our Graphic Novels include not only Western comics, but also Asterix & Obelix (translated from French) and Japanese manga! This collection is suitable for 8-14 year-olds.

our younger teens graphic novels

Older Teens Fiction (F YA)

The older teen fiction books is where things get really serious. As an example, this is where you will find books like John Marsden's Tomorrow, When The War Began. With themes including violence, teen relationships, suicide, family violence and more, this section is for teens aged 15-18 who can face stronger themes like this incorporated into their reading material. Don't worry, you will still find cheerful books in this section - but they may feature more complex vocabulary which will push your reading comprehension. our older teens books

Older Teens Graphic Novels (F YA)

Just like our collection of graphic novels for younger kids, with all the same benefits but with more of everything! Expect to see a slightly higher level of violence depicted, as well as storylines involving more serious themes - so this our suggested age range is 14-18. Just like before, this collection is a mix of Western comics and Japanese Manga. our older teens graphic novels