The Shire of Carnarvon Customer Service Charter and Customer Complaint Handling Guidelines establish the Shire's customer service standards. It identifies a whole organisation committed to customer service and defines a common set of expected principles and behaviour related to service to our customers. These guidelines also define what our customers can do if they feel the Shire has not delivered the standard of customer service outlined in our Customer Service Charter.

Our commitment to our customers, our community 

The Shire of Carnarvon is committed to providing quality customer service that will meet the highest standards and ensure we meet the needs of our customers in a professional and ethical manner with courteous and efficient service.

At all times the Shire of Carnarvon will strive for excellence in all we do including:
• Communicate in a way that is clear, concise, open, honest and respectful as per the Shire of Carnarvon’s Values;
• Seek customer feedback to improve our services;
• Provide relevant and up to date information relating to our services via our website, Facebook page and other publications;
• Constantly engage with our customers to build positive relationships that keep our customers informed; and
• Strive for excellence in our customer service and be fair and accountable in our service delivery.

Click here to download a copy of our Customer Service Charter and Complaint Handling Guidelines. 

Customer Service Enquiries Report

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