Welcome to "The REAL Carnarvon" Photography Competition, an integral part of our exciting new marketing campaign aimed at reshaping the perception of Carnarvon and showcasing the authentic experiences of this charming town. Carnarvon has always been more than what meets the eye, and we are on a mission to unveil its hidden treasures through the lens of talented photographers and travellers. As a part of this campaign, we invite photographers and travellers alike to share their unique perspectives of Carnarvon and help tell its captivating story. 

“The REAL Carnarvon” Photography Competition is designed to encourage both professional and amateur photographers and travellers who have captured the essence of Carnarvon in all its glory. We believe that the most compelling stories about this destination are told through the eyes of those who live and have visited and experienced it firsthand.

Competition Guidelines

How to participate 

  • Eligibility: The competition is open to photographers of all levels and to anyone who lives or has visited Carnarvon.
  • Submission: Participants can submit their entries via the entry form below along with a brief description of the image, the location it was taken, and any interesting anecdotes related to the shot.

Key Dates:

  • Competition Start Date: 1 November 2023
  • Competition End Date: 12 January 2024 
  • Exhibition Opening: TBC
  • Exhibition Closing: TBC

      Competition Theme 

      The competition will feature four key themes:

      • Landscapes and Seascapes – The breathtaking natural beauty of Carnarvon, from its stunning coastal landscapes to its vast, rugged outback.
      • Cultural Diversity - The rich cultural tapestry of Carnarvon, including its Aboriginal heritage and multicultural influences.
      • Carnarvon Life - The daily life and vibrant communities that make Carnarvon unique.
      • Hidden Gems - The lesser-known, hidden treasures that Carnarvon has to offer, from secret spots to unexpected surprises.

      Exhibition and Recognition 

      The winning photographs, along with a selection of other outstanding entries, will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition at the Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery.

      Winners will receive recognition through our marketing campaign, including social media features and local media coverage.


      • First Place in Each Category: $500 cash prize
      • Second Place in Each Category: $150 cash prize
      • Third Place in Each Category: $50 cash prize

      Public use of photographs:

      Entries into “The REAL Carnarvon” may be used for future promotion of the awards and by the Shire of Carnarvon publications. All finalists’ images will be kept on file and may be displayed around Carnarvon. The images will also be kept in the Shire’s historical photographic collection. The title and photographers name will be acknowledged where possible, and the photographer will retain copyright.

      The Yagan Square Tower:

      • This is not a competition to have images featured on the Digital Tower. This is a competition to be featured in an exhibition; and Yagan Square may be displaying some photos from this exhibition on the Digital Tower. 
      • All contributors must understand and consent to their images being used on the Digital Tower.
      • Inclusions in the competition does not guarantee any photo being shown on the Digital Tower.
      • Photos will be curated for display on the Digital Tower and evaluated against our content guidelines. 

      Judging Panel:

      A panel of judges, including professional photographers, local community leaders, and tourism experts, will evaluate the submissions based on creativity, originality, composition, and how well they capture the essence of "The REAL Carnarvon." Panel to be confirmed.

      Competition Rules

      • Entry Limitations: Photographers are restricted to a maximum of four (4) entries per individual – This is allowing one image per category to be submitted. Should more than four (4) entries be submitted, only the initial four (4) submissions will be considered, with all subsequent entries being disqualified. This determination may be made without the need for consultation with the photographer.
      • Photograph Ownership and Originality: The photographer (entrant) affirms and guarantees that the submitted photograph:
        • Is the original creation of the photographer (entrant).
        • Has been personally captured by the photographer and is not a reproduction of another photograph (entrant).
        • Has been edited and finalized solely by the photographer (entrant) without external assistance.
        • Is protected by copyright and owned by the photographer (entrant), who possesses the rights to reproduce and utilise all inherent rights within the work.
      • Photographic Equipment: The photographer (entrant) must have taken the original photograph as a single exposure using a camera, which includes but is not limited to DSLR, SLR, point and shoot, compact, mirrorless, notepad, or mobile phone.
      • Accepted Formats: Entries are accepted in all three awards categories and can be presented in colour, sepia, or black and white formats.
      • File Size: Entries must be submitted in JPEG format with a file size ranging from 1MB and maximum 20MB, optimised for viewing on a PC (non-Mac). The larger the images size, the larger the print size of the image for the exhibition.
      • Watermarks and Signatures: Entries must not contain watermarks or any form of identifying signatures or markings. Entries that include watermarks or signatures will be disqualified.
      • Copyright Licensing for Public Artwork: If a photograph includes a public mural or artwork, including graffiti tags, the copyright owner of this work should be consulted to provide a Copyright Licensing Agreement. This agreement grants permission for the use of their content, be it visual artwork, text, music, film, or any other content, in a specified manner. For more information, visit
      • Indemnification: The photographer holds the Shire of Carnarvon harmless against any loss arising from a breach of the entry conditions. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in disqualification from the photography exhibition and subsequent events, along with the forfeiture of any award recognition and prizes.

      Submission Guidelines:

      Competition participants are encouraged to submit their photographs along with a brief description (50-100 words) of their ‘REAL Carnarvon’ experience. Descriptions may be edited to be included in the exhibition curation.

      Competition Winners

      Landscapes and Seascapes

      1. 1st - Tony De Los Angeles (Entry no. 578)
      2. 2nd - Sophie Doell (Entry no. 707)
      3. 3rd - Cassy Harangi (Entry no. 601)

      Cultural Diversity

      1. 1st - Senia Eastmure (Entry no. 606)
      2. 2nd - Laurel Corless (Entry no. 645)
      3. 3rd - Avril Rogers (Entry no. 687)

      Carnarvon Life

      1. 1st - Josh Chapman (Entry no. 659)
      2. 2nd - Sarah Peebles (Entry no. 562)
      3. 3rd - Carmen Reilly (Entry no. 683)

      Hidden Gems

      1. 1st - Andrew Tyndall (Entry no. 568)
      2. 2nd - Colin Andreoli (Entry no. 666)
      3. Joint 3rd - Jack Law-Davis (Entry no. 658) & Fawn Law-Davis (Entry no. 718)

      Update: Yagan Square Display

      At present, the images will be displayed intermittently in amongst other exhibitions; however, a three-week exhibition period is currently being finalised with the Yagan Square management.  Once we have the exact dates for this, competition participants will be notified.