The network in Carnarvon is known as the Gascoyne Early Years Network, the network plays a vital role in uniting the local community. They work collaboratively to design and implement services and initiatives with the objective of enhancing outcomes for young children and their families. These Networks serve as a platform to foster cooperative practices among various organisations and have been a part of the Carnarvon community since 2003.

These Networks primarily consist of government and non-government service providers operating in the fields of education, healthcare, local government associations, and the community services sector. Their collective efforts are dedicated to improving early childhood and parental support services.

The objectives of the Gascoyne Early Years Network are as follows:

  1. Strengthen the capacity and long-term viability of Early Years Networks to better support local children and families.
  2. Promote and support the establishment of effective Network governance while developing evidence-based strategic action plans at the local level.
  3. Foster partnerships within the community sector and encourage collaborative practices to provide adaptable and coordinated services in response to community needs.
  4. Facilitate communication and connections among service providers, enabling the sharing of valuable information and resources within the Carnarvon community.

The Gascoyne Early Years Network is made up of the following organisations: