Fascine Revitalisation Project

The Carnarvon Fascine Revitalisation Completion project included the development of the recreational amenity of the Carnarvon Waterfront and the Fascine waterway and completing the revitalisation of the Robinson Street business retail and cultural precinct. The aim was to enhance the interface between Carnarvon’s Town Centre and central business precinct with the Fascine waterway and recreation area.

The project included focusing on the following revitalisation and interface of Carnarvon’s Town Centre and central business precinct within the Fascine waterway and recreation area:

Fascine works

Fascine Works included the construction of recreational jetty structures, the restoration of an existing jetty, soft and hard landscaping works for the waterfront area, the installation of street furniture and structures, and car parking provision.  The scope of work is as follows:


  • Jetty structures - tiered boardwalks will be constructed in the Fascine waterway at approximate locations of:
  • Olivia Terrace and Robinson Street intersection adjacent to Town Beach
  • Olivia Terrace and Baston Street intersection opposite Pioneer Park
  • West Street opposite Baxter Park
  • The restoration 'T' jetty between Forrest and Brown Streets has been refurbished to meet safety standards.

Landscaping/ street furniture/ road works

  • Landscaping and streetscaping works
  • Furniture/Structures - Street furniture, shade structures, seating and rubbish bins and complimentary soft lighting will be installed in Carnarvon Town Beach to Baxter Park.
  • Landscaping - garden beds and grass with required reticulation will be undertaken along the Fascine.
  • Stairs are to be installed at the southwestern end of the Fascine wall.
  • Extension of the Fascine surge wall across the western end of West Street and around the Carnarvon Yacht Club.

Road works

  • Raised Pedestrian Crossings will be installed at appropriate locations opposite the respective jetty structures.
  • Car Park - the existing car park at the Olivia Terrace - Brown Street intersection has been sealed with kerbs installed.

The outcome of this project: 

  • Improved environment for business:  The proposed facilities and amenities were designed to attract a greater volume of pedestrian traffic to Robinson Street and surrounding areas, resulting in increased trading and opportunity for new businesses in the area.
  • Increase in Tourism/Visitors - Reflecting improved services within the town centre.
  • Enhance Streetscape and Town Centre presentation - Increased uniformity in a presentation focused on improving public amenity and attracting private sector investment
  • Improved access - the proposed facilities, amenities and infrastructure enhancements better accommodate the public.