The Shire of Carnarvon suffered damage to various assets following flooding in early 2021. The Shire has secured funding from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) to repair the damage to the pre-disaster condition.

The Minilya - Lyndon Road is one of the larger rural roads in the Shire’s northern district. The Minilya River crossing has long been a problematic part of the Road. The original crossing consisted of rock material laid in the riverbed with locally available granular material. The seasonal river flows washed away granular material, and repairs are required every time the river flows. The construction of a new concrete crossing has made the crossing accessible for most vehicles.

The flood in 2021 has undermined sections of the concrete crossing and resulted in cracking in some of the slabs. The relevant sections of the crossing will be repaired in May / June 2022.

Further improvement works are going to be completed as well. Including placement of upstream rock protection and a (concrete) cut-off wall for the full length of the crossing. These works are taking place to ensure the crossing is improved to a standard that best minimises the risk of further flood damage.