The 2023/24 Rates notices were issued on 28 August 2023, by mail and the newly established E-Rates system.

The attached brochures were included in the mailed notices regarding:

Rates in the Shire of Carnarvon:
Rates Information Brochure 2023/24

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) that is charged in your rates:
Emergency Services Levy Information

See the 2023 Rates Schedule of Payments calendar for your reference:
2023/24 Rates Schedule of Payments

All the information you'll need regarding Firebreaks, restricted burning season and the Gascoyne River Bush Fire Brigade.
Firebreak Handbook 2023


View the 2023/2024 Objects and Reasons document here:

Objects and Reasons


For help understanding differential rates, see the Rates FAQ here.
For more information please contact the Shire on (08) 9941 0000 or email shire@carnarvon.wa.gov.au