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When a natural disaster strikes or an emergency situation arises, DFES’s State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers can be found providing a wide range of volunteer services to help the community cope from the impact a disaster.
Helping the community to recover by responding to natural disasters is only part of SES’ responsibility. Volunteers also carry out land search working alongside WA Police, cliff, aerial and cave rescues. SES volunteers can also assist with air search observation.
There are over 2,100 SES volunteers in WA. Many work diligently behind the scenes as radio or computer operators, in administration or incident control, planning and logistics.
SES volunteer training includes:
• First aid
• Map reading and navigation
• Land search techniques
• Storm damage techniques
• Flood boat rescue
• General rescue
• Radio communications
• Leadership
• Management
• Driving vehicles for emergencies
• Road crash rescue
• Single rope techniques (abseiling) and vertical rescue
• Observation from aircraft and supply dropping
• Ground support for fire services
Become a Volunteer!
The Carnarvon SES is located behind the Civic Centre on Camel Lane. Training is on every second Wednesday.
SES is seeking volunteers to join the rank and file. It is a family friendly, equal opportunities service where everyone is made to feel welcome