Willkommen! Mila-Wall® arrives in Carnarvon!

Published on Monday, 12 February 2024 at 4:14:00 PM

The Shire of Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery team recently welcomed James Campbell, the Director of Art Hanging Systems for induction training with their newly acquired state-of-the art Mila-Wall® system which was funded through the 2023 Public Regional Galleries Improvement Fund.

Following extensive research during the grant application process, Mila-Wall® was identified as being the best solution for moveable walls due to the product's high quality, sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, offering limitless options for curatorial standards beyond what the gallery has been able to achieve with the current system. Manufactured in Germany, this product is the preferred standard for many international and Australia-wide art galleries and museums.

While training is offered externally or through short videos, having James deliver on-site training was an invaluable opportunity, offering the team firsthand experience to learn from the Australian Mila-Wall® Meister!  James has over thirty years’ experience working in galleries, including at least ten years working with the Mila-Wall® system.  Working alongside someone who is clearly an expert in this field gave the team great confidence, knowing that the training being delivered was of the highest standard.  James clearly had an awareness of the range of abilities within our team and was alert to the needs, ensuring that everyone had opportunities to participate in all aspects of building using a variety of components in the Mila-Wall® system during the session.

The library and art gallery team along with the wider Shire team will continue to familiarise themselves with the new moveable wall system over the next couple of months aiming for the exciting reveal of the Mila-Wall® system at the Gascoyne Art Awards in August 2024.

This project was made possible through funding from the Regional Exhibition Touring Boost managed by the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries, supported by Royalties for Regions, and delivered by ART ON THE MOVE.

James explains the training session.

Valentine and Dain begin the build process.

Megan and Valentine assist James with the first join.

James demonstrates how to level the walls.

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