Cr Dudley Maslen

Ward: Town Ward   Term: 2025

 Six generations of my family have called Carnarvon and the Gascoyne home. My commitment and service to the community is a matter of record.

Carnarvon is a wonderful place to live and work. Its climate is second to none. We are situated on the road to almost everywhere in the north and located between two World Heritage areas. We have everything going for us if we are prepared to work to meet the challenges of modern society.

Sadly, I have never seen the morale of the community so low.

Carnarvon has been singled out of all the regional towns in Australia with exactly the same issues to be pilloried as a place of social mayhem and chaos! It has had a negative impact upon our everyday lives. Businesses are closing and people are leaving town and visitors are bypassing Carnarvon to spend their holidays elsewhere.

Like most of our citizens, I love our town. It is a great place, which we should be proud of. I just want our cheerful and optimistic attitude and buoyant town back!!

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